Best Self Driving (Autonomous) Cars 2020

Perhaps 2020 will not be the year for full (level 5) self-driving cars but that doesn’t stop artificial intelligence from featuring dominantly in cars this year.

From semi-autonomous cars to cars with an AI personal assistant, AI featuring in cars this year is business.

There are quite a number of cars with self-driving features (although not level 5) this year and coincidentally, the most advanced ones are sedans.

These cars can do amazing stuffs all because they got artificial intelligence running in their engines and fueling their systems.

Here are the best self-driving cars in 2020:

4. 2020 Audi A8 OL

This is a 20” wheel executive sedan with an executive package only described by one word: Luxurious.

This car is dynamic in and out, having an elite looking exterior and a luxurious interior that bridges the gap between executive car cabins and bespoke ultra-luxury cars.

The cool thing about this luxurious machine is it adaptive packaging powered by artificial intelligence.

The Audi A8 L adapts for you.

It comes with an Audi Adaptive Cruise Assist that assist the driver in many ways. The Audi Adaptive Cruise Assist employs an array of sensor plus cameras to help monitor what’s around the vehicle.

In a variety of driving situations, the Audi AI system can apply throttle, braking and steering input to assist the driver.

For instance, when stuck in a traffic jam and your commute becomes a great stress as always, a traffic jam assist feature will help take some stress out of your commute.

It will do this by providing throttle, braking and steering input in such congested traffic situation and keep the car in its own lane.

Another instance comes when you are embarking on a long journey, a semi-autonomous (hand-on the steering) system will assist you with acceleration and breaking, maintaining speed and following distance, while keeping the car in its lane at highway speed.

What a car!

Defined not just by its luxurious design, the Audi A8L is characterized by its advanced artificial intelligence car technology (it’s Adaptive Cruise Assist).

Anyone seeking an executive sedan that offers convenience and technological innovation in large quantities should take a hard look at the 2020 Audi

3. 2020 Ford Edge

The 2020 Ford Edge is the first Sport Utility Vehicle (SUV) from the Ford Performance Team. And I can tell you that this car is AI-packed (SUVs got AIs too).

Though am disappointed with its dated interior design and control layout, the vehicle got amazing AI driving techs.

It comes with one of the most advanced suite of driver-assist technologies in the world, the Ford Co-Pilot360.

The Ford Co-Pilot360 technology is a suite of five standard driver-assist features that offer drivers the AI experience as they commute.

The vehicle’s Blindspot Information System (BLIS) can help detect and alert you (the driver) to vehicles in your blind spot, and also alert you of a traffic behind you when you are slowly backing out of a parking spot or driveway.

With it’s lane-keeping system, it can help you stay on track (in your own lane) even during a moment of distraction.

The Ford Co-Pilot360 also comes with a Pre-Collision Assist and an Enhanced Active Park Assist.

The Pre-collision Assist alerts you to potential collision with vehicles or pedestrians detected in your path and can automatically apply brakes, if an impact becomes imminent and you don’t take corrective action.

While the Enhanced Active Park Assist it easy to nail an impressive park, especially in tight spots. Making you look like Frank Martin in the ‘Transporter Movie’ Franchise.

The Ford Edge is simply a bold AI-powered SUV, a cool and technologically advanced ride for SUV lovers.


Almost forgot.

The Ford Edge syncs with Alexa to give you an extended experience of the world’s best virtual assistant. You can access Alexa features from this Ford SUV.

If you own a 2020 Ford Edge, your car comes with an Alexa. Let that sink.


2. 2020 BMW 7 Series

As an AI enthusiast, I would tell you that the AI features in this vehicle gets me really excited about the present and future introduction of AI in Cars.

The BMW 7 Series speaks volume of AI technologies in cars today.
Perhaps am getting a little bit ahead of myself and I need to slow down. But I can’t.

I am so excited, this car got me excited.

It has this luxurious look that makes it standout (even in a traffic jam situation).

Good Lord, it’s quick; sanctuary silent, rides like a Royce Rolls”

The 2020 Series is dominated by technology”

The 2020 BMW 7 Series comes with a personal assistant that offers you the experience and assistance Alexa offers at homes.

“Hey BMW, find a grocery store nearby”

The BMW Intelligent Personal Assistant helps you get answers, interacts smartly and gets smarter with every interaction.

It is also powered with a semi-autonomous driving (driving assistance) technology.

When you are stuck in a tight spot, this feature can back you out automatically.

Another cool feature of this BMW 7 Series is that it is able to notice your presence. When you approach the vehicle, it automatically unlocks the doors and activates the LED light carpet, welcoming you to every drive.

It also comes with an AI-powered safety features which includes Daytime Pedestrian Protection, Frontal collision warning with city collision mitigation, Active Blind Spot Detections and Lane departure warning, among others.

The 2020 BMW 7 Series offers the experience of luxury, high performance and advanced AI car tech like no other.


1. Tesla Model S

Teslas are the Holy Grail of AI-featured cars. And I would love to see them lead the way in developing the first level 5 autonomous vehicles.
Though, It feels like they are two – three years away, and that’s a long time from now.

Nonetheless, Tesla has the muscle to go through the race for full self-driving cars. Tesla worth more than Ford and General Motors combined. Early this year they became the first $100 billion publicly listed U.S. carmaker in extended trading.

Tesla’s latest model, the Model S, like most Telsas, comes with the Tesla Autopilot feature.

The Tesla Autopilot is an ‘advanced’ driver assistance system with features such as adaptive cruise control, self-parking, lane centering, ability to change lanes, autonomous navigation (on limited access freeways), ability to summon car from and to garage or parking spot and even more.

Now you know why everybody loves the Tesla, beyond the fact that it’s a fully electric car company.

The Tesla Model S has the longest range (373mi) of any electric car and can drive for 130 miles with just 15 minutes of recharge.

It sets an industry standard for performance and safety. With Dual Motor All-Wheel Drive, adaptive air suspension and quick acceleration, the Model S is the description of high performance electric car.

It has a classy interior and exterior design, especially its interior that feels so comfy and luxurious. A great value for $75,000.


Wrap Up

AI in cars are revolutionary. Few years from now, we do be exploring the best autonomous cars in the world.

We are getting close to developing level five (5) self-driving vehicles. And as some of this AI cars have shown, AI in cars is not just about autonomous driving (even if that’s the predominant thing). It’s a lot more than driving.

Take the 2020 BMW 7 series for instance, it comes with it very own AI personal assistant and that’s telling.

The present AI developments in cars are incredibly amazing and functional. I love them.

But do you?

Let me know what you think in the comment section below.


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