Top 10 Electric Scooter Sharing Companies

With the development of electric scooters all over the US and some Urban communities in European, people may likely ask how does it suppose to work? If they are valued? Which top e- scooter sharing companies are out there?

The e-scooters examined in this article are dockless, rent incrementally electric scooters that can sail down walkways at 15mph or 25kph. With the recent development, battery-controlled scooters have been accessible for quite a long time, and however, now they’re furnished with GPS trackers and a remote network.

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Why is E-scooter Beneficial?

  • It is financially savvy
  • They permit faster development between two focuses while lessening the traffic congestion

The advantages of E-scooters make it a very good option for business, there by the need to create E-scooter sharing companies, that provide people with these services. The E-scooter sharing companies do not need a difficult or cumbersome forthright investment and are quite affordable for people to patronage.

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With transportation being one of the most essential parts of our lives, scooter sharing companies provide an alternative option especially when it provides zero emission of greenhouse gas. These E-scooter can be rented at a very low cost and are comfortable too.

To enable you to enjoy the experience of e-scooters, we compared 10 Top E-scooters Renting Companies which are among the very best:

1.  Lime:

This is the overall best and it can be found in over 50 cities and has a user-friendly mobile app. It is very accessible and can travel over 20 miles on a single charge. And offers discounts to riders who need financial assistance.

Lime is available in over 26 states in the United States and it is well-reviewed by users. The scooter can be reserved through the Uber App. The mobile app, allows you to see how charged a scooter’s battery is before going for it as well as the price.

To start a ride, it cost about $1 in addition to the per-minute fee that varies by location. Aside from making mobility affordable and better for the environment, the company also hires locally and works with organizations to help communities grow. However, regarding the price of the Lime E-scooter, there’s a discount depending on the area.

2. Spin:

Founded in 2016, it provides riders with access to high scooters with a maximum speed of 15 miles per hour and a battery range of 40 miles. Riders should have a minimum of a $10 balance in their account.

Spin prices are comparable with other top scooter Sharing Companies as they also provide discount fares for qualifying users, a safety promo code, and a helmet discount.

The program also gives access to scooter Sharing services for people without smartphones, mobile location services, or even credit cards. With the outline safety quiz, you can score 100% and stand a chance to get a promo code spin that is affordable, safe, user-friendly, and accessible. It’s best for discounts

3. Bird:

If you are thinking of an E-scooter that is readily charged or always charged on hand then this is the choice. With Bird, you can reserve scooters up to 30 minutes in advance. It is available in 54 cities across the US. Bird launched the first shared E-scooter way back in 2017 in an attempt to increase the accessibility and sustainability of Urban transport.

Aside from having upgraded scooter equipment, Bird is unique because it offers monthly rental options which you may not get everywhere. Just like other sharing companies pricing is on per minutes basis, users need to add $5 to their account to start searching for a ride and it is best to view city-specific pricing. With a set-up account and a map, you can use it to find the closet Bird and reserve it up to 30 minutes in advance.

Bird has two self-reporting damage sensors so users are less likely to get a malfunctioning scooter, self-sealing tires, and a battery with over 50% capacity.

4. Lyft:

You know, aside from car renting, Lyft so offers E-scooter from the same app, making it the best choice for riders who want flexible transportation options. As of January 2021, scooter sharing is currently available in Minneapolis Denver, San Diego, and some other places as well.

Lyft scooters travel up to 15 miles per hour and have a range of roughly 10 and 20 miles on battery percentage. Pricing is around$1, the fee for unlocking a scooter is around $0. 15, and $0.20 per minute fee thereafter. It is best for flexible transportation.

5. Veo Ride:

Veo Ride is available in more than 18 cities and university campuses across 14 states, although geographic availability is more limited than others.

The platform is considered among the best because it has a wide range of selection of electric scooters and the ability to buy equipment online, it has large airless tires, a wide deck, and front and rear suspension, a selected option too.

Users can also choose from the company’s E-bike with electric assist pedals. Beyond the scooter Sharing option, users can buy an Astro.go scooter for about $560  through the VEO flex program.

6. Helbiz:

Helbiz is a micro-mobility company that provides e-scooters, e-bicycles, and e-mopeds to customers around the globe.

Their shared e-scooter, One-S, is the first shared e-scooter designed entirely in Italy. It is feature-packed with a lot of impressive features; a 500 watt motor, Pathpilot AI, Double Camera, IOT-integrated system, smart turning signals, and more functional lights than your regular e-scooter.

Helbiz’s e-scooters are available in the United States and Italy, and will soon be made available in France, and Serbia.

7. Scoot:

This is an American company that prefers public bicycle sharing and electric rental systems. Based in San Francisco, it provides electric vehicle rental services through a smart app. Over time, the company has accumulated around 1,000, 000 miles of riding in 2016.

Scoot is notable for being a pioneer of the scooter-sharing system and one of the only two companies allowed to operate electric scooter rentals in the San Francisco Bay area.

With an E-scooter program and going through the proper permitting process, scoot chooses to work closely with SFMTA. Scoot has also placed an extensive emphasis on rider education to ensure that SFMTA won’t ban them because riders are parking their dockless scooters on sidewalks or riding them in the wrong places.

8. Goat:

It offers dockless electric scooters in urban areas and campuses which has helped in reducing traffic. They offer their services in most locations where larger ride share companies aren’t yet available.

All you need do is to download the app and create an account, then locate a GOAT nearby and start using your app. It cost just $1 to unlock and $0.15 per minute for a ride. The GOAT- scooter rental has amazing new features, performance improvement, and bug fixes.

It has an improved rider experience for ticket creation directly from ride summary, a seamless one-time ID verification to ensure safety, and other minor fixes.

9. Swiftmile:

Swiftmile is a one-step charging and parking solution for E-scooters, very convenient as it gives riders the comfortability to share and park the scooter at the end of a ride. It offers a secure place to power the ride as the journey produces. It is designed to fit local needs and can also be expanded.

It comes with solar panels that charge vehicles using clean renewable energy. Battery-powered option for quick deployment and portability. It is interoperable with shared micro-mobility operators who provide discounts for rides that end at Swiftmile hubs.

10. Bolt:

Formerly known as Taxify, Bolt is an affordable, easy ride you can get around town. It offers as little as  $0.06 per minute with no unlocking fee, unlike other competitors.

Bolt’s scooters are designed from the ground up with a focus on safety, and durability. It has a 37+ mile range, wireless phone charger holder, LCD screen with range speed, and time display.

It also has 12- inches wheels, and a swappable battery (especially the bolt 2).

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