Stock Market this Week: 15 Key Events to Watch Out

  • State of the Economy: We’ll get an important view of the state of the economy with latest economic reports including ISM Manufacturing PMI, JOLTS Job Openings Survey, ADP Nonfarm Payrolls, ISM Services PMI, Initial Jobless Claims, U.S. Consumer Credit Data and U.S. Jobs Report.
  • Earnings/Delivery Reports: Tesla reports on deliveries on Monday, then Levi Strauss and Constellation Brands are expected to deliver their earnings report on Thursday.
  • Fed Speeches: Jerome Powell (Fed Chair), Fed Members Raphael Bostic, Mary Daly, and Christopher Waller are expected to deliver a speech this week.

Here are the most important events that investors need to look forward to this week:

MONDAY (2nd October)

  1. US ISM Manufacturing PMI
  2. Fed Chair Powell Speech
  3. Tesla Q3 Deliveries Report

Tuesday (3rd October)

  1. JOLTS Job Openings Survey
  2. FOMC Member Bostic Speech

Wednesday (4th October)

  1. ADP Nonfarm Payrolls
  2. ISM Services PMI

Thursday (5th October)

  1. Initial Jobless Claims
  2. FOMC Member Daly Speech
  3. Fed’s Balance Sheet Data
  4. Constellation Brands Earnings Report
  5. Levi Strauss Earnings Report

Friday (6th October)

  1. U.S. Jobs Report
  2. FOMC Member Waller Speech
  3. U.S. Consumer Credit Data

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