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I will begin by saying the sky is no longer the limit.

Hello and Welcome to AI for Beginners. Here my primary aim is to build and nurture a go-to blog for answers, discussions and important trends on AI and its Techs.

My name is Emeka Ewele and I’m here at your service.

Yes, your service!

Who is AI4beginners For?

I must be brutal with this fact: AI for Beginners may not be for everyone and won’t enter every AI Box. It was specially created for non-techies who want to use AI systems to their advantage.

But, if you are interested in programming and stuff like that, this blog could be of use to you too. The resources herein can provide you with the required theoretical knowledge of Artificial Intelligence, in a way, I believe techie blogs don’t.

For me, I’m just interested in AI systems and what it can do for me and you, as simple folks.

Although this blog was primarily created for people who love AI Tech, but live outside the nerdie-techie AI world. It’s generally for people who;

  • Seeks theoretical understanding of Artificial Intelligence Systems.
  • Want to know the “How-Tos” revolving around End-user AI Techs.
  • Feel the need to stay up-to-date with the important AI Trends.

Note: I strongly believe, you are reserved with the right to define what this blog and the resources herein is to you.

My Angle

I think of AI as a system that we need to understand in other to navigate the coming age: the age of artificial intelligence. Just like some did in the computer age.

And I think, everybody don’t need to be an AI developer/programmer to get the best out of it.


Do you need to know how to code your own Facebook, Pinterest or YouTube in other to exploit social media?


But you may need to understand how social media works and stay updated with the latest and important social media trends in other to effectively exploit it. Whether for marketing purposes or just for socializing.

Take YouTube for instance, thousands of YouTubers are making it big time on YouTube by simply using YouTube to their advantage. Again, this reinforces my idea, we don’t need create or know how to create a platform like YouTube to get all the benefits.

That’s the ANGLE I created from.

With AI4beginners, I want to help you facilitate your understanding of AI systems and keep you updated with important trends, so you could use AI effectively and to your advantage.

This is where I publish the what’s ups (what’s trending) in the World of Artificial Intelligence.

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