4 Top 5G Cell Tower Companies

5G technology is expected to rake in billions of dollars into the telecom industry sooner rather than later. And at the forefront of beneficiaries of these billions are Tower Companies.

5G Tower Companies have a major role to play in the deployment of 5G technology and they are playing that role. The major cell tower companies are going all in on 5G technology, buying and installing 5G infrastructures; making big moves for a big payday.

Here are the major 5G Cell Tower Companies:

1. Crown Castle

Crown Castle owns, operates, and leases towers and other infrastructure for wireless communications. Crown Castle offers significant wireless communications coverage to 92 of the top 100 US markets and to substantially all of the Australian population. Technology is changing the way they interact with the world. They don’t go online anymore. They exist there. Their smartphones and tablets are connected, of course, but soon things like traffic lights, machines, appliances, and autonomous cars will all be online.

They work closely with community members, government officials, and their customers to design and build solutions that meet their unique connectivity needs—from wireless coverage to smart city solutions to custom fiber optic networks. Their solutions are built with the future in mind. They play an important role in tomorrow’s smarter, better-connected communities, while paving the way for new innovations in the way they live, work, and stay safe.

Their infrastructure solutions create important connections that make communities around the country safer, better places to live. But they don’t stop there. They have offices in every major US market and are committed to being responsible members of the communities where they live and work. One of the ways they do this is through their Connected by Good program.

2. American Tower

American Tower Corporation is a holding company. The company conducts its operations through its directly and indirectly owned subsidiaries and joint ventures. It is a wireless and broadcast communications infrastructure company that owns, operates and develops communications sites.

Its primary business includes leasing antenna space on multi-tenant communications sites to wireless service providers, radio and television broadcast companies, wireless data providers, government agencies and municipalities and tenants in a number of other industries. This business is its rental and management operations.

It also offer tower-related services domestically, including site acquisition, zoning and permitting services and structural analysis services, which primarily support its site leasing business and the addition of new tenants and equipment on its sites.

In January 2012, the Company merged with and into American Tower REIT, Inc.

3. SBA Communications

SBA Communications is a wireless Internet installer for many countries. It is an independent owner and operator of wireless communications infrastructure across North, Central, and South America. In their site leasing business, they lease antenna space on their multi-tenant towers and other structures to a variety of wireless service providers under long-term lease contracts. Its site development business offers wireless service providers and operators assistance in developing their own networks through site acquisition, zoning, construction, and equipment installation. SBA owns and operates towers in Brazil, Canada, Costa Rica, Ecuador, El Salvador, Guatemala, Nicaragua, and Panama.

SBA Communications is a U.S.-based company that was founded in 1999.

4. Cellnex Telecom

Cellnex Telecom is the telecommunication infrastructures operator of the abertis group.

It provides cutting-edge audiovisual services to radio stations at a national, regional and local level.

It provides mobile radio-communications to security and emergency bodies, and telecommunication services to other operators.

It designs, deploys and operates WIFI networks for public administrations.

In order to provide these services it possesses its own land network of more than 3,200 centres, spread around the whole country, and has also strengthened its position in the satellite communications sector, through its participation in the Hispasat company and as a partner of reference of the Eutelsat company.

Cellnex Telecom proposes to continue its strategy of growth in a continually expanding sector, as an international reference and leading player in European technological development.

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