How to Grow a Facebook Page Fast & Organically

Do you want to know how to grow a Facebook Page fast, for free and get real followers?

In this article am going to share with you proven tips that helps me grow multiple Facebook Pages fast and gained thousands of followers.

My Facebook posts have gotten millions of organic reach, likes and comments.

In fact, I have had numerous posts get more than 1 million organic reach individually.

Writing this article feels like giving away my “trade secret”.

So far, I have shared this tips with some friends and business associates and it worked for them like crazy.

One of them, in amusement told me “Henry, this stuff is magic”.
But don’t get the feeling that it’s going to be an easy ride.

This tips will help you grow your Facebook Page from scratch to thousand and millions of followers but like I said, it’s not going to be an easy stuff that works on autopilot.

Want to beat the Facebook Algorithm, follow this tips:

1. Choose a Niche

Whether your Page is a Fan Page or a Business Page, it needs to have a well-defined niche. Niche is a word popular among bloggers, and in this case, it represents the topic your Facebook Page is focused on.

For instance, a Facebook Page focused on dating and related topics is in the “Dating Niche”.

Golden Tip #1: The more popular a niche is on Facebook, the more likely a Facebook page on that niche will grow fast.

The key here is not just choosing a niche, but choosing a niche that is popular on Facebook.

If you are running a business page you niche is probably predefined and if it’s not a popular niche on Facebook, then you may not get crazy results.

Golden Tip #2: If your chosen niche is too narrow (unpopular) broaden it.

To get the best result, choose a popular niche from the tart. For unpopular niches to get better results than they would ordinarily, broaden your focus, by tapping into related niches that are popular.

Popular Niches on Facebook

From my head and with further research I identified ten niches that are popular on Facebook. Look into them:


Spirituality is damn popular on Facebook, especially in relation to Christianity and Islam. Perhaps, it’s even the most popular niche on Facebook.

People love saying “Amen”, “praise God” and “Allahu Akbar” a lot on Facebook.

It is a niche were the audience are highly engaging. I have a Facebook page in this niche and I can tell you right now, it’s were I have seen the most engagement.


Celebrity Gossip

Personally, I don’t go crazy about celebrities but am not like most people on Facebook. People gets crazy on Facebook about celebrities.

The business of talking about popular people’s business is so popular on Facebook.


A lot of people come to Facebook looking for love. And I remember back in 2008-2009, thereabout, I jumped into Facebook trying to get the attention of those pretty girls who don’t live exactly close to me.

It’s really funny looking back (the things we do for a date).

In a more diverse way, dating as a niche has grown really strong on Facebook. It’s no doubt one of the most popular niches on Facebook.

Make Money

Make money niche on Facebook is gold.

Lots of people are jumping from one group to another looking for ways to make money (especially online).

The make money niche is one of the most popular niche on Facebook.
Sadly, this is also one of the niches polluted by fraudsters and scammers.

I hate scammers and fraudsters; dishonest fellows in general. I derive pleasure making money from a legitimate hustle.

If the money won’t come legally, I don’t want it.

Warning: If you have any intention of picking this niche, having nothing valuable to offer, other than plotting fraudulent schemes. Beware of Kama and the LAW. And get the hell out of my blog.

However, if you have something legitimate and truly valuable to offer that will help people ‘really’ make money. Then I guarantee you, this niche is not just popular, it most likely going to make you the most money.

Personal Development

Personal development is a very popular niche on Facebook.

Motivational/inspirational contents go viral easily on Facebook.

It is one of the niche where you can grow crazy fast organically on Facebook. And it’s broad.

In personal development, you can take various angles and it will work.

Most people want to develop personally, even though most of them won’t take actions other than liking and commenting on motivational/inspirational contents, and following Pages that provides such contents.

Other Popular Niches

There are many other popular niches like:

  • Football
  • Fitness
  • Beauty
  • Travel
  • and Programming

Golden Tip #3: One method I use to find out if a niche is popular, is to search for existing Facebook groups in that niche. If I can find 10 – 20 super-active groups with over 500k members, then it’s probably popular.

2. Join Group and Share Contents

For starters, I don’t waste my time inviting my Facebook friends to like/follow my page. Because, even if all my friends like and follow my Facebook Page, it won’t make any difference (I have less than 50 friends).

I have seen people and even Facebook advice page owners to invite their friend as a way to grow their page: Insignificant advice.

Anybody giving you that advice has probably never grown a successful Page or is being insignificant with their words.

One of my best tips for you is to join Facebook Groups within your niche. You are going to find popular and super-active Facebook Groups to join, because you’ve most likely chosen a popular niche.


Golden Tip #4: Join Groups with at least over 200k members.
I have found that Groups with less than 100k members would not produce the best results.

Note: The key here is to join this group and use their visibility to grow your page.

Sharing contents to this groups will help your posts get more organic reach, likes and comments, and help you grow your following.

Golden Tip #5: Always read the Group’s policies, even before joining them.

Some groups have very strict policies that are not friendly to members sharing contents from Pages to the Group.

Such groups will most likely get you temporary banned from sharing contents to Groups, making you lose momentum (more on that later).

Golden Tip #6: Always consider Groups that are highly active.

I find that Groups with less members but with highly active members, proffers far better results than Groups with more members and few active members.

It’s not all about “number” of members, it also about the number of “active members”.

3. Find the Right Content Mix

Choosing a popular niche and joining Groups are great steps forward. But if you don’t produce contents that resonates with your audience, you will be in a no fly zone.

I have learnt that content types that works in Niche A may not work for Niche B. What Audiences A prefers may differ from Audience B prefers.
Content types in this sense, maybe videos, images, links to external webpages or texts.

Finding the right content type that resonates with your audience is key to growing your Facebook Page following, and getting more reach and engagements.

Golden Tip #7: Test different types of contents when you start out, in order to find the ones that works best.

Publish different type of contents and share them to the Groups you’ve joined, then find out which types gets you the most likely results.

You probably need to do this for 2 – 4 weeks and have enough data to ascertain the types that works best.

Once you’ve discovered the best content types, double down on them.
Go all in.

Golden Tip #8: Get the right ‘how many?’

Oh! You’ve gotten the right content types for your audience, and I said you should double down on them. Now you go ahead and bombard them (your audience) with too many contents.

Don’t do that! It’s a terrible idea.

Don’t put out too many contents within a short period of time, allow your posts to sit in. By doing so I observed that it give the Facebook algorithm enough time to push your post to more people, leading to more reach, and potential shares that keeps the post getting more reach/engagement. That’s how post goes viral on Facebook.

Personally, I find four post a day to be enough and produce the best results. Usually, I post around 6am, 12noon, 6pm, 12 am (six hours intervals). And tool like coschedule will help you schedule your post and get them published at the right time.

By publishing four post per day at six hours intervals, I give each post room and time enough to perform well.

I have tried posting too many posts thinking I will get more results but reverse was the case.

So get the right “how many”.

Golden Tip #9: Create contents with different goals.

If you intent your Facebook page to generate leads for your business, you will find that the kind of post that will go viral on Facebook may do little in generating direct leads for your business. I am talking from experience here.

Usually what I do is I create two type of posts; one I call the “viral posts” and the other “conversion posts”.

Viral posts are post that will do well and get me more page followings and they are the type of posts that I share in Groups.

While the conversion posts are post that will do well for my business directly. I don’t share conversion post to Groups, I only share them on my Page and in the Page’s story.

I personalize conversion post for my most loyal followers, because they are the ones that will most likely buy whatever am offering.
Hope you are finding this post insightful and actionable?

If you do, don’t forget to SHARE it as a way to show appreciation. And you are welcome in advance.

4. Connect with your Followers

Even a dumba– should know that for one to build a successful and sustainable following, he or she has to connect with their followers.
Unfortunately, not every dumba– knows this.

When I started my first successful Facebook Page, I was a terrible dumba–. I wanted to grow my following without giving much consideration and attention to the follower I already had.


That’s the word that you should pay more attention to. Pay attention to the followers you already have, that’s one way to connect with them.

When I started paying attention to my audience and connecting with them I noticed something.

Golden Tip #10: If you build a strong following, your followers will help spread your words out.

By sharing my contents alone I was able to gain hundreds of followers and thousands of organic reach. But when I built a strong following, my posts started reaching hundreds of thousands of Facebook users and eventually millions.

Some things to do to grow a strong and active following:

  • Be active in the Groups you join
  • Reply to comments on your post and responds timely to messages
  • Post personalized contents specifically for your followers

5. Stay Consistent and Be Time Sensitive

This is the part that sounds easy but difficult to follow. Being consistent at anything is difficult, period.

I will not be hypocritical and act like being consistent is easy.

Getting this blog to the height it has gotten to among other things, is as a result of my consistency.

But when I started out, I struggled with being consistent and eventually, I picked myself up.

And ever since, I have been consistent and a lot has changed drastically and positively.

My writing skills, blog traffic and greens inflow has improved significantly.

The same thing applies to growing a Facebook Page.

Think about what you need to do to stay or get in shape. For example, you need to workout consistently, right?

You don’t just go to the gym today and the next time you workout will be 14 days later, and still expect to get in shape.

In growing with a Facebook page, I follow the tips from 1 to 4 daily without missing a day. And always the results in month 1 is far lesser than that of month 2.

Week after week am noticing progression, probably from 1,000 reach daily to 2,000 – 100,000 reach and subsequently 1 million reaches per day.

It starts out low like an airplane running to takeoff and after the takeoff, it just gets higher and higher till it reach its peak.

If I miss one week of work, my Page’s progression will lose momentum, and if I miss one month, I have to start gaining momentum afresh.

Golden Tip #11: Try creating a posting schedule and stick to it.

6. Avoid getting temporary or permanent ban

I just published a post and shared to few Groups, as I attempt to hare to another Group, I got a notification from Facebook that I have been banned from posting in and sharing to Groups for one week.
That day I was frustrated.

One of my Facebook page was beginning to take off. I was getting thousands of post reaches and hundreds of follower per day, before the ban halted my momentum.


Facebook for one or more reasons ban users from posting/sharing to Groups. I have been banned on numerous occasion from sharing to Groups.

And the reality is that with a small Facebook page, if I don’t share to Groups, the Page will struggle to grow fast organically.

At first, when I got my first temporary ban, I thought Facebook was cracking down on me because I was growing my following incredibly fat without spending a dim on Facebooks ads.

But I later realized that in most of the case when I get temporarily banned, I had violated a Facebook policy or a Group’s policy.

Honestly, from the outside I was being spammy, because back then, I tried to post and share every now and then.

But after getting several bans, I have wised up and quit being a dumba–.
My best advice to avoid similar fate is to not be spammy and always ensure to abide by Group’s policies.

Some Groups have very rigid policies, some of which forbids sharing contents to the Group. In some cases, if you constantly share to such Groups, the Admin may just get mildly irritated and report you to Facebook.

Facebook on the other hand will just slap you with a temporary ban from sharing and posting to Groups.

As long as you are not spammy and respect Group’s policies, you will be just fine.

Wrap Up

Growing a Facebook Page is not easy, it requires a lot of dedication and consistency.

But the end results are usually desirable. For whatever reason you want to grow a Facebook page, I do hope you found this article insightful and actionable.

If you have any question feel free to comment down below, I will be more than happy to chip in my 2 cents.

For now, go grow a successful Facebook Page faster than a Tesla.

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