Market Disruptors

I’m thrilled about your interest in the Market Disruptors. And more importantly, about your commitment to long-term growth investing.

Market Disruptors is our Flagship Service designed to help you beat the market by investing in innovative companies posed to disrupt markets and become market leaders. 

If you had invested $1,000 in Tesla at $2.6 in 2013, your investment would be valued $100,000 today. A 10,000% ROI in just a decade, now that’s life-changing.

Life-changing ROI: That’s the goal of the Market Disruptors’ picks.

Tesla disrupted the auto market with EVs, Nvidia is currently disrupting the semiconductor market with Advanced AI Chips, just as Apple with the iPhone.

Market Disruptors like Apple, Amazon and Alphabet, historically, have rewarded investors with insane ROIs.

We want to use our Market Disruptors’ timely picks to help you find diamonds in the dirt.

So you can be among the next set of investors who transformed their finances with smart investments in Market Disruptors, through timely and well researched access to information for long-term growth investing.

When you Sign up NOW, you will receive ACCESS to;

  1. MD22: Our Ultimate List of 22 Highest-Conviction Growth Stocks that are posed to disrupt markets and become Market Leaders. This list consist of 9 Large-cap Growth Stocks, 8 Growth Medium-cap, and 5 Small-cap Growth Stocks.
  2. Three Top Growth Stocks recommendation delivered monthly with a strong potential to become Market Disruptors/Leaders.
  3. Timely Buy and Sell Alerts.
  4. Our list of 10 Large-Cap Growth stocks that will protect your growth portfolio against growth volatility.
  5. PD 25: Our Watchlist of Twenty-five (25) Innovative Private Companies with strong potential to become market leaders on their way to the Stock Market.
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  7. A closed community of serious long-term growth investors, who are steadily building their net-worth like you want to be.

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“Hi Henry, Hope all is well with you.!!! I purchased 200 Microbot Medical-MBOT-now up over 23% and 100 BOX-up almost 40%. This is very exciting for me (one more WOW !!! ) I would consider selling BOX if it gets near $25.00 and MBOT near 14 or 15. This is the fastest appreciation I’ve ever experienced. Thanking you Always for giving me the opportunity to make so much so quickly.

Bob Walsh

“Thank you sir, I have often lost a lot of money with leverage trading. The money that I made from a few good trades that took weeks can disappear in 5 minutes from a poorly executed leveraged trade. You’ve helped me open my eyes to start thinking about investing with a long-term view.”

Braulio Araujo

“I’m up more than 60% in just six months relying on your stock picks. I love your approach as I also like to play the long-term game. By the way, I’m loving our little community.”

— Mary Louise