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Our Philosophy: Long-term Growth Investing

We believe that the best way to grow wealth in the stock market is to buy shares of innovative companies that have well-above average growth rate for sales and *earnings, and hold them as long as they continue to grow.

Research has shown that there is a high cost to waiting for the best entry point. Hence, we don't try to time the market, as it is practically impossible.

We are using our Market Disruptors’ picks to help Retail Investors find rare gems in the stock market.

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Volatility Protection 

10 Top Large-Cap Growth stocks that will protect your growth portfolio against growth volatility.

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MD 22

Our Ultimate List of 22 Highest-Conviction Growth Stocks that are disrupting markets and establishing themselves as Market Leaders.

This list consist of market-leading stocks in the Autonomous driving, AI, Semiconductor, Communication Service, Blockchain/Crypto, Battery Technology, Fintech, Cloud/Edge Computing, Streaming, CRM, Cybersecurity, Biotechnology, and Logistics market.


PD 25

Our Watchlist of Twenty-five (25) Innovative Private Companies with strong potential to become market leaders on their way to the Stock Market.

Stock Recommendations & Market Research 

Three Top Growth Stocks recommendation delivered monthly with a strong potential to become Market Disruptors/Leaders. Plus, unlimited access to market research, investment tips and market guidance.

Vibrant Community 

A closed community of serious long-term growth investors, who are steadily building their net-worth like you want to be.


If you had invested $10,000 in our MD 22 five years ago, your investment would be valued $29,086 today. Almost 3X your initial investment, this is despite the pandemic in 2020 and the bear 🐻 market of 2022.

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What people say about our Picks

I purchased 200 shares of -****- now up over 23% and 100 -***- up almost 40%. This is very exciting for me (one more WOW !!! ). This is the fastest appreciation I’ve ever experienced

- Bob Walsh