5 Cheap Smart Home Devices under $50

Do you love to have smart devices in your home or apartment, but you are on a tight budget?

Worry not, I got your back.

In this piece, I am going to show you amazing and cheap smart home devices that will give you the best value for your greens. Some of them are powered by Artificial Intelligence.

Experience the thrill of running a smart home without having to break the bank.

Here are five (5) great deals for smart home devices under $50 to turn your home smart:

1. Amazon Echo Dot (3rd Generation)

Amazon Echo Dot (3rd Generation)

The Amazon Echo Dot (3rd Gen) is Amazon’s best and cheap smart speaker.
It is the cheapest way to get Alexa (the best virtual assistant) into your home.

The Echo Dot (3rd Gen) comes with a much improved design than its predecessors and also an improved audio.

It’s easy to setup and integrates with most smart home devices.

The Echo Dot (3rd Gen) which comes with Alexa will serve as your own personal assistant.

You can ask Alexa to answer questions about the weather, general information, and traffic.

And by connecting other smart home devices to the Dot, you can control them using the Dot with your voice.

Alexa, turn on the bulb” and instantly the connected bulb turns on.

Tip: You can get an Amazon Echo Dot for $1.

The Amazon Echo Dot (3rd Gen) normally cost around $49 on Amazon and BestBuy which in itself is a great deal.

But there is a way to get the Amazon Echo Dot for $1 officially. More, precisely you can get it at a combined rate of $8.99.

When you sign up for one month of Amazon Music Unlimited which cost $7.99 per month, you can get an Amazon Echo Dot (3rd Gen) for just $1.

What do you call that?

A great deal?

For me, at $49 the Echo Dot (3rd Gen) is already a great deal but at $1, am short of words.

This literally means I can get an Amazon Echo Dot (3rd Gen) plus one month subscription of unlimited music at a price lesser than my Netflix monthly subscription plan ($9.99).

There are other alternatives to the Echo Dot like the Google Home mini which cost $25 and the Samsung SmartThings Hub which cost $62.99.

Obviously, the Dot which is the best and cheapest offers the greatest value for your hard earned ‘beautiful cash’.

2. GoSund Mini Wi-Fi Outlet (Alexa Smart Plug)

The GoSund Mini Wi-Fi Outlet is a smart plug that works with Alexa (also with the Google Home and IFTTT) that gives you total control of your home from anywhere, in its own way.

It’s relatively cheap, an Amazon bestseller with over 4.5 rating from more than 8,000 reviews on one seller’s account.

Smart plugs are just like your regular wall outlet but they are ‘smart’, probably because they give you remote control of whatever you plug into the outlet.

This will enable you get the coffee maker started without leaving the comfort of your bed.

With the GoSund Mini you can create schedules (making things go on and off at the right time). And it can help you cut down your electricity bill significantly.

If you’ve acquired the Amazon Echo Dot, you can control the GoSund Mini Wifi Outlet using your voice.

You can get all these values + 4 smart plugs for just $29.99.

3.  Wyze Smart Bulb

The Wyze Smart Bulb is the best budget smart bulb which sells for $9 and it’s a product of the Wyze Labs.

Wyze Labs are making a fine effort to democratize smart homes.

And the Wyze Smart Bulbs are a real steal (don’t tell the cops).

They come with adjustable timers, temperature and Brightness features.

You would really enjoy its brightness adjustment feature, if you are like me (like most people).

Most people don’t enjoy sleeping with the light shining so bright and also don’t like total darkness.

But Smart Bulbs like the Wyze Smart Bulb, one can dim the brightness of the light so low that it feels like the lights are out while you are not sleeping in submerged darkness.

The Wyze Smart Bulbs are really cheap smart devices to install in your home/apartment.

It can also connect to Alexa, Google Home and other smart hub, so you can control the lights in your house/apartment with your voice.

No, it’s smart technology.

In short Wyze Smart Bulbs are cool and cheap, my favorite combinations (cool and cheap).

4. Wyze Smart Cam Pan

The Wyze Labs are indeed on a mission to democratize smart homes.

With the Wyze Cam Pan, you are getting one of the cheapest security camera in the smart home market.

And it’s not just cheap, it is a quality security camera.

The cool thing is that it does not just record video in your home, it is capable of detecting motion, sounds or alarms.

And when it does, it notifies you using a smartphone app.

The Wyze Cams blends so well that you may not even notice it anymore once you are done installing it.

Here is the shocker, it only costs $29.99!

You read that right. $29.99 (Ring Cams knows they are in trouble).

The Wyze Cam Pan is actually one of the flagship product from Wyze Labs, no wonder they put so much into it.

Based in Seattle, Wyze Labs was born by former Amazon Employees out of the idea that high quality, easy-to-use smart home products shouldn’t break the bank.

Like Simon Sinek puts it, “people don’t buy what you sell, they buy why you sell what you sell”. And Wyze Labs have the perfect ‘why’.

Before you get all Hollywood with Wyze Labs, you should be aware that on the 30th of December, 2019, Wyze Labs confirmed that her database was breached, exposing customers’ information (excluding passwords and financial information) between 4th – 26th of December, 2019.

And this worries me, because I expected them to secure their systems better if they want to sell us systems to secure our homes better.

Nonetheless, I have faith that they would close loopholes better in the future. After all, they are not the only ones to get their database breached.

5. First Alert Smoke Detector

First Alert Smoke Detector is a very good smart smoke detector that can do the basics effectively.

It will alert you if smoke or extreme temperature are detected in your Home.
The First Alert Smoke Detector is a cheap and effective tool to protect your home for fire hazards.

It doesn’t just send you alerts of ionized fires, it also sounds a loud and clear 85-decibel smoke alarm.

It meets all UL Certified Smoke Alarm Standards, so be rest assured you are getting a quality piece of tech for your home.

You can get three (3) pack of First Alert BRK 9120B-3 Hardwired Smoke Alarm for $37.85 on Amazon.

Though, for a smoke detector, I strongly recommend the Google Nest Protect as it’s my favorite smoke detector. Plus, it’s actually the best smoke detector on the planet. But it cost $119.

Wrap Up

Smart home devices are beginning to penetrate heavily into homes as more and more smart homes gets smart.

By being penny-wise and pound-wise you will be able to get your home smart without necessarily breaking the bank or missing with your Roth IRA or 401K.

I hope you find the above devices great enough for your greens and turn your home/apartment smart.

Enjoy the smart life for a smart price.

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