10 Top Edge Computing Companies

People think that edge computing and IoT are synonyms but they are not because while edge computing is a topology and location-sensitive method of a distributed company, IoT on the other hand, is a use

7 Top Solar Roof Companies 2023

Splar roof

Energy prices are jumping to all-time highs, climate change is increasingly affecting our lives and solar energy is conveniently becoming a major way out. From 1994 to 2019, electricity prices increased 1.8% per year in

Is Tesla Stock going to crash or continue to rise

The most shorted stock in the world by short interest value is Tesla at $16.5 billion, it’s dubbed “America’s most hated stock”. Like its proposed electric truck, the Tesla Cybertruck, Tesla is polarizing; lots of

3 Top Tech Investing Books 2020

“… the degree of disparity in results among larger tech companies in the future is likely to be very dramatic. And if I had the skills where I could pick the winners there, I would

The #1 5G Stock to buy now

Back in March when Ericsson’s stock was on an YTD decline, I listed it as the top most 5G Infrastructure Company. I noted that “Ericsson’s 5G infrastructure technological superiority, in addition to the fact that

Cheap (small-cap) Bank Stocks under $10 and $20

“Never invest in a business you cannot understand” Warren Buffett The banking business is one of the easy-to-understand businesses. It’s very easy to comprehend how banks make money, whether it’s a commercial bank, investment bank