7 Major 5G Router Companies

The thrill of 5G technology is mostly appreciated by the end-users when it gets into their lives, essentially in their homes and offices. Many companies are pouring billions of dollars in the development of 5G

4 Major 5g Companies in Europe

European companies have been a dominant force in the introduction of 5G technology within and beyond Europe. The European Union are keen on being on the frontline of this cutting edge technology that is expected

5 Top 5g Companies in the US

With Chinese companies seemingly leading the development of 5G technology, especially Huawei and primarily the development of 5G infrastructures, the US government has charged companies like Dell, Microsoft, and AT&T to development 5G infrastructures in

Top 5g Phone Companies

Before the turn of the year 2019, major phone makers have been working on rolling out 5G phones in 2020. Heck, some of these companies (like Huawei) have even rollout 5G phones in 2018. And

4 Top 5G Chip Makers

One company, Qualcomm, dominated the 5G chipset market in 2019 but that dominance is beginning to see serious competitors staging plans to knock them off their perch. According to marketandmarket, the 5G chipset market is