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Best Artificial Intelligence (AI) Apps for Android/iOS in 2020

Artificial Intelligence technologies are being applied in so many aspect of our everyday technologies, and what’s surprising is that many of us don’t know that yet.

Nowadays, almost every major app we use in our phones and even PCs has a touch of artificial intelligence tech: It’s really amazing.

Talk of Netflix, Google App, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Gmail or even Google Chrome; they all use AI systems to function as they do today.

As we journey down 2020, we are going to experience more AI explosions (advancements), and these are highly welcomed. We want to see more advance AI introduced into our mobile apps, as it will definitely make life easier and better for us.

Generally, if you are a fan of AI, you will want to see these advancements not just in apps. You will love to see fully self-driving cars roll out (I’d love to see if Tesla will make good its projections).

In this article, I made it an obligation to list the best AI Apps that will help you experience less stressful, more exciting and productive life in 2020.

The apps listed below are broken down into different (well-diverse) categories including food, health, travel and personal assistants, to give you a broad yet, concise options.

An AI app is any app that relies greatly on AI systems to function.
Here is the list of the Best AI Apps in 2020 available for Android and iOS devices:

1. AI Personal (Virtual) Assistants

These are the most popular AI apps and it’s no surprise.

The big deal with personal assistants are that they are thought to be the closest we’ve gotten in imitating human intelligence, especially in form of mobile apps.

They can do most of the things a human personal assistant can do and even better in most cases.

Personal assistants can find information online at your command, help you control your smart home devices, manage your day-to-day schedules and even help you order for coffee at Starbucks so you can skip queueing.

Here are the best personal (virtual) assistants in 2020:

1. Amazon Alexa

Availability: Android and iOS
Price: Free