Top 5g Phone Companies

Before the turn of the year 2019, major phone makers have been working on rolling out 5G phones in 2020. Heck, some of these companies (like Huawei) have even rollout 5G phones in 2018. And

4 Top 5G Chip Makers

One company, Qualcomm, dominated the 5G chipset market in 2019 but that dominance is beginning to see serious competitors staging plans to knock them off their perch. According to marketandmarket, the 5G chipset market is

10 Top Self-Driving Truck Companies 2023

Starsky Robotics, an autonomous truck company founded in 2016 shuts down in March, 2020 after its series B funding falls through.Many autonomous driving enthusiasts, like me, wondered if that meant self-driving trucks won’t be a

30+ Robotics Companies to Invest or Work in

Robots have been around for years, long before you were born. And it’s only common sense that robotics companies that develop (create) this robots have also been around for years. Robotics companies come and go,

Top 10 Self-Driving Car Companies in 2023

Try bringing into existence something useful that has never before existed and perhaps you will get a glimpse of what it’s taking to develop self-driving vehicles. For decades, several companies and projects have been established