12 Top Computer Vision Companies

facial recognition

Some people believe that AI violates personal privacy, makes humans lazy, and does not create room for creativity but the fact still remains that AI is revolutionizing our society and is bringing many improvements. One

Top 10 Fiber Optic Cable Companies

fiber optics

What we have today as fiber optic cable was made possible in the 1840s by Daniel Colladon and Jacques Babinet in Paris with their demonstration of guiding light by refractor but then the cable itself

10 Top Edge Computing Companies

People think that edge computing and IoT are synonyms but they are not because while edge computing is a topology and location-sensitive method of a distributed company, IoT on the other hand, is a use

Top 10 Augmented Reality Companies

augmented reality

As the world continues to grow, lots of ideas and technologies are coming up, and Augmented reality (AR)  is one of the technologies that have come to stay. AR has been in use in the

10 Best Debt Relief Companies 2022

debt deadline

It’s no doubt today that there are borrowers who look for debt relief companies to pay off their debts or help them avoid bankruptcy, and get their credit back on track. Although these services are

12 Top Electric Vehicle (EV) Battery Manufacturers

electric vehicle

 An electric vehicle battery (EVB) which is also called a traction battery, is a type of battery that can be recharged and used to power the electric motor (as a means of propulsion) of a battery electric vehicle (BEV) or hybrid electric

10 Top Virtual Reality Companies 2022


Virtual reality is also known as VR is a modern technology that powers users to feel immersed in an unnatural environment using a VR headset or helmet. It is a computer-generated environment with artificial scenes

7 Top Car Sharing Companies 2022

With the huge cost of maintaining a car especially, if you plan on cutting expenses for yourself including the one that comes with car maintenance, you may decide to opt for car sharing. It is

7 Top Solar Roof Companies 2023

Splar roof

Energy prices are jumping to all-time highs, climate change is increasingly affecting our lives and solar energy is conveniently becoming a major way out. From 1994 to 2019, electricity prices increased 1.8% per year in