About Us

“People are spending way too much time thinking about climate change, way too little thinking about AI.”

Peter Thiel

AI4Beginners is focused on simplifying AI investing for retail investors, helping them navigate the risks of investing in Innovative AI Companies.

We stick to proven principles, explore growth opportunities, and provide practical tips to enable you make smart investing decisions.

Our Founder

Our Founder, Henry John, is an AI enthusiast, growth portfolio manager, and tech investor.

Henry John

With my background in Finance and Engineering, I want to help people build generational wealth by investing in revolutionary technologies like AI.

I started from the scratch like most people, little by little I became a millionaire investing in technology companies while working in finance. 

And today, I’m deploying my vast experience investing in growth stocks to help people change their financial lives for better.

Our Mission

Investing in Artificial Intelligence stocks can produce insane ROIs (high rewards), but AI stocks are usually high-risk investments, and one can lose a lot of money really fast investing in them.

AI investing requires patience, know-how, and basically, making the right buy-and-sell decision at the right time.

We want to help people understand the AI revolution and empower them with information on the investment opportunities created by AI technology.

Manage Money

However, you will not have enough capital to invest with if you don’t manage your money properly, and money management is no walk in the park.

You’ll find that we are genuinely interested in helping you get your personal finance in order, through the rich effective information on personal finance that we provide. 

Innovative Private Companies

Our drive also includes keeping you in touch with technological trends and tracking innovative companies on their way to the public markets. 

Ultimately, our goal is to build a community of AI Millionaires; everyday investors who saw and seized the opportunities created by the inevitable AI revolution.

Premium Services

Get in Early and deploy the power of Compound Interest to your Advantage.