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7 Top Solar Roof Companies 2023

Energy prices are jumping to all-time highs, climate change is increasingly affecting our lives and solar energy is conveniently becoming a major way out.

From 1994 to 2019, electricity prices increased 1.8% per year in the United States, according to the U.S. Energy Information Administration (EIA). And in 2022, the U.S. retail electricity price is expected to be 3.8% higher than the average retail price in 2021 at an average price of 14.2 cents/kWh.

The increasing cost of energy is going to be a problem 20 years from now as it was 20 before now. And that’s why smart people are investing in solar roof technology that will drastically reduce and even eliminate their energy bills.

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We are living at the edge, the cutting edge, we are making yesterday’s dreams today’s reality. The capacity to draw power from your roof using ‘thin-film solar cell technologies’ was yesterday’s dream and today’s reality.

In the world of “drawing power from the roof”, there are two ways to go about it. Traditionally, one can just install solar panels on existing roofs, and more recently, thin-film solar cell technology has made it possible for people to literally draw power from their roof shingles.

Solar roof shingles look and function like conventional roofing shingles while generating a lot of energy. They are more durable than ordinary asphalt shingles, are fire-resistant, and can withstand extreme weather conditions.

There are a lot of companies developing and manufacturing solar roof shingles in the United States, however, only a few can boast of cost-effective solar shingles that deliver on the premium prices they are being sold for.

PROs of Solar Roof:

  1. They help lower your electrical bill by producing clean energy hence they are energy efficient
  2. They are environmentally friendly
  3. Interestingly, Solar roof shingle can be linked to your phone with an app that allows you to monitor and track their roof energy saving
  4. They are made to meet the highest class specification for fire resistance
  5. They are innovative technology.

CONs of Solar Roof

  • It is usually expensive ranging from $1,100 – $2,600 per square
  • There are only a few companies that can install solar
  • When it comes to moving from one space to another, it can be difficult to uninstall and move.
  • They depend on the sloppiness of your roof
  • For the fact that they are new technologies, they are somewhat scarce to get.


Tesla builds standard solar roof shingles, providing the same protection one expects from a traditional roof while capturing solar energy. They are custom made for each roof and as such cannot be moved from one home to another. It can only be installed on the roof. However, it is more effective than traditional Solar panels.

When it comes to pricing, Tesla prices scale from $30,000 to $75,000, and installation is believed to be as high as $100,000. One might also have to get a Tesla power wall battery for energy storage which may increase the cost too.

Tesla Solar Roof Specs

Tile and Power Warranty25 Years
Wind RatingASTM D3161 Class F
Fire RatingClass A (highest rating)
Hail Rating ANSI FM 4473 Class 3
Inverter Power3.8kW/7.6kW 97.5% efficiency
Roof Pitch2:12 to 24:12
Tesla Solar Roof Specs

PROs of Tesla Solar Roof

  1. Tesla solar roof comes with photovoltaic cells built into the shingles, that’s one feature to enjoy about the product.
  2. Longevity: The system comes with a lifetime warranty, you can get the solar shingles replaced if anything goes wrong with them.
  3. Tesla solar roof is so effective when it comes to generating power.  

CONs of Tesla Solar Roof

  • They are not mobile i.e when it comes to moving it from one space to another.
  • Because it is a new technology permitting timeline may be external until the product becomes more prolific.
  • It is very expensive to afford, not pocket friendly for everyone to afford, and it consumes so much time and is technical to install.
  • It’s not an option for owners with flat roofs because the minimum of roof pitch eligible for installation


GAF Energy offers elegant, roof-integrated Solar options through a nature network of GAF certified roofers. They have offices in New York City and other states in the US as well.

In fact, they are considered the largest roofing material company in the world. When selecting GAF energy customers will benefit from a streamlined, turnkey approach to going solar. With GAF energy contractors across the US are empowered with a detailed and concise approach to solar installations. Installation is not difficult because it has easy guidelines.

GAF Energy aims at building a world-class team to generate energy from every roof. It is a solar company that generates energy from every rooftop. They work in partnership with North America’s largest roofing and waterproofing manufacturer.

PROs of GAF Solar Roof

  • It  is smart and economical
  • Aside from being the leading company in North America, they are best positioned to accelerate the growth of residential solar with over a century of waterproofing experience.
  • They are the largest company of roofing with distribution and contractors in the world.
  • It provides customers with an aesthetic view of its high-tech roofing.
  • And lastly, GAF offers affordable, integrated, and aesthetic rooftop solar options to both residential and commercial customers.

CONs of GAF Solar Roof

  • Its focus is on affordable shingles with a few products,  they are not too premium exterior building manufacturers
  • Because of its heavyweight, the roof structure must be sturdy and able to support excessive weight.
  • Installation must be done correctly, especially  on steep roofs else, it breaks, or damaged

3. CertainTeed Solar Roof

This is another company like GAF which has a larger selection of affordable shingles. CertainTeed has a few cheap brands among many highly-priced lines.

CertainTeed manufactures solar shingles in all three product lines 3-tabs, architectural, and designers. Unfortunately, the company offers its services to wholesalers who only sell to professional contractors.

CertainTeed shingles are laminated fused layers of SBS modified bitumen that covers four to five layers along the surface of the entire shingle. They’ve nice collections of designer shingles.

In terms of warranty, CertainTeed offers three warranty options on three tier-system, which are Base (standard), system plus (better), and Golden Pledge (best) which comes with a package of comprehensive coverage, with a longer period and better options.

PROs of CertainTeed Solar Roof

  • In terms of warranties, CertainTeed has comprehensive coverage, longer periods, and better options.
  • It also provides an installation warranty which covers any repair or problem caused by the installer’s error.
  • It has a marginally larger selection of low product it can offer.
  • It has a nice selection of designer shingles.
  • CertainTeed  Winterguard is waterproof and works for placement around the eaves and other places where ice dams occur.

CONs of CertainTeed Solar Roof

  • It is very expensive
  • Sells only to wholesalers who sell to professional contractors only, which makes their products not directly accessible to all kind of customers

4. Lumar Solar Roof

Lumar Solar created a complete integrated Solar roof shingles system that is advanced which makes it unique to others. They offer photovoltaic cells and first to invent an upgradeable solar system.

Speaking of warranty, they offer mouth-watering warranties like 25 years power warranty and more.  This company was established in 2007 and has the high rank of an award-winning firm with artful, experienced, and intelligent designers.

Lumar offers its solar shingles in different ways which include; a stand-alone product, a mix-in, and an entire roof replacement. And they offer very attractive shingle designs.

PROs of Lumar Solar Roof

  • It is very Durable
  • It has an enduring work of art
  • It can be integrated with all roofing materials
  • They offer clean energy for shingles to customers who are after beauty and craftsmanship and seamless designs
  • They offer a long-lasting warranty on power as much as 25 years

CONs of Lumar Solar Roof

  • The price changes, hence, there is no fixed price
  • Their shingle warranty is limited

5. Sun Terga Solar Roof

Sun Terga solar roof integrates seamlessly with standard flat concrete tile roofing system which offers customers lasting roofing materials and low profile which comes with a higher performance solar system in one.

It offers customers installers with innovative ways to integrate solar directly into the sloped roof of a home or commercial building. They integrate directly standard tiles roofing system, offering an awesome aesthetics view and value.

PROs of Sun Terga Solar Roof

  • It offers high performance
  • Their products are as well reliable and safe
  • It has a 2-in1 roof and solar solution
  • They provide innovative technology
  • They maintain a low-profile appearance

CONs of Sun Tegra Solar Roof

  • The cost can be discouraging for customers
  • It generates less electricity

6. Forward Solar Roofing

Forward Solar roofing offers an engineered integration of the roof and solar cells by means of state-of-the-art technology and gives a unique aesthetic view.

This company harvests a great amount of clean energy while it gives a sleek and futuristic appearance using shining metal standing.

The system is intended to be a whole roof system, like Tesla or Lumar with both Pv and non-Pv components to give that seamless appearance. The Solar shingles they provide look like steel roofing which is available in 8 different colors.

PROs of Forward Solar Roofing

  • They are an extremely client-oriented firm
  • It has a weatherization warranty of 30 years
  • High production
  • Lower cost
  • The installation process is simple and easy

CONs of Forward Solar Roofing

  • Aesthetically, it doesn’t look good, it’s can be mistaken for a typical metal roof.
  • Delay in meeting up with customers’ demands, as believed by many customers.
  • Customers have to sign up for a $1000 deposit before the installation process begins.

7. Hanergy Solar Roof

This firm produces glass solar roofing shingles available in the  UK, introduced as a new Generation by Hantile building, it is lighter, thinner, more flexible, and has superior performance.

Hanergy has pioneered the use of ultra-white tempered glass, with the feature of transmitting a level of 91.5% and possesses extreme durability and the ability to withstand heavy impacts.

It has the ability to achieve a major upgrade in less than a year as a result of its continuous technological innovation. It currently has more than 2300 patents around the globe.

PROs of Hanergy Solar Roof

  • They offer fashionable designs
  • It also has a waterproof feature
  • These products can be easily installed
  • Lastly, Hanergy solar roofing shingles is a smart product that efficiently generates power.

CONs of Hanergy Solar Roof

  • It has a high-cost performance
  • Availability of Hanergy is also limited in some areas
  • It is mainly suitable for homeowners who want to maintain an aesthetic view.

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