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18 High-paying Side Hustles for Women

Side hustles are great for women looking for a way to earn money. It gives you the chance to earn some extra cash on your own schedule.

Today there are many more opportunities for women wanting to start a lucrative side hustle and earn a solid secondary income. To choose the right side hustle for you, look for ones you can use your skills on, define what you want to achieve and how much money you want to earn. The next step is to consider how much money, time, energy, and effort you can afford to invest.

When you want to start a side hustle, you can do what you have passion for or you can do something you are already good at. The options are limitless. All you need are a few tools, a good work ethic, and an entrepreneurial spirit.

The possibility of finding extra time is slim because of family obligations, house duties, or other life events. That notwithstanding, women are hustlers. They are willing to do what it takes to provide for themselves and their family, even if it means putting in an extra effort than what most people are comfortable with.

Whether you are doing research for yourself or for a loved one, know that you have the power to earn extra cash. You can work online, part-time, or whichever way you want to run it.

To get those creative hustle moving, here is a list of side hustles for women:


As a woman, you can proofread. You can proofread for organizations that publish newsletters, send emails, etc.

Proofreading is the last check before written material is published or shared. It concerns itself with correcting errors, and inconsistencies in grammar, spelling, punctuation, and capitalization. If you have eye for detail and love to read, you can earn an extra income as a proofreader.

 Some companies have websites, you can offer your services to businesses that publish blogs, newsletters, send emails, etc. Bloggers and writers can be your clients.


Do you have a passion for teaching? Tutoring offers a great opportunity as a side hustle for women. If the teaching skill and experience are there, you can tutor online or in-person in any subject you are good at.

Advertize your service around the area you live in or online on your socials. You can do this by putting up posters, giving out handbills or you can sign up to various websites that deal with matching you with the students.


There is an online course for just about anything. Day to day, people seek to learn new skills or gain knowledge online. Online courses are becoming popular because people want to learn at their own comfort. And they are not limited to accredited education anymore.

To start this, think about something you are good at. Find out a way to teach others how to get to your skill level. Set up your course and earn money as students enroll. You can create your own websites or sign up for sites that help people through the process.


Being a virtual assistant is a great means to earn extra cash if you are detail-oriented and great at time management.

Virtual assistants provide services to individuals and businesses on all kinds of online work. You can offer services depending on your skills. As a virtual assistant, you help clients respond to emails, schedule meetings, customer support, and bookkeeping.

More importantly, what you offer will depend on tasks you enjoy doing and the kind of clients you enjoy working with.


As a side hustle, you only need clean tools, makeup, and your skill. You can earn money from your ability to make other women look and feel beautiful. Your services as a makeup artist can range from makeups for weddings, birthdays, family photos, child dedication, etc.

You can as well take advantage of social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, Twitter to showcase your services. Your clients can come to your home, or you can travel to them.


Cleaning houses and offices for your clients is a nice job that you can do on your own time. If cleaning is an activity you see as no big deal, it could be the proper side hustle for you.

Depending on the level of cleaning you offer, it can be done in an hour or two. Having a car will place you at an advantage as it will help you get jobs and make logistics concerns easier to manage.


Giving out the extra parking space for a monthly fee could earn you extra cash. Some of us have storage space that we don’t use, renting the storage to someone who needs it for some cash can never be bad.

You can offer space – maybe that empty garage or basement to a local business or a neighbor and in turn get paid for that. You may worry about damages and privacy, but those things could be sorted out with a well-thought-out plan.


As an online gamer, you can earn real money when playing games. A popular online game you can earn actual money by playing is solitaire cash. This game is a free app that pays you when you reach the top-three spots of any given tournament. Based on your skills and ability in the game to beat other players on the same deck of cards, you can earn your money.

You can also stream video games online on platforms like Twitch and make a lot of money from it. To put things in view, professional gamers draw in an average of 60k in a year.


Baking business is a side hustle one can do in a spare time. A lot of people love cookies ranging from gluten-free baked cookies to gingerbread.

You can customize your cookies for special events like weddings, engagement parties, birthday parties, housewarmings, and so on. You can also cater your baking business to a specific audience that seeks the quality you offer.


Many people find it difficult to find their style and present themselves. As a personal stylist, you can help them look good and fabulous. This you can do if you find yourself drawn to fashion. You also need to have a flair for shopping, trendsetting, and dressing well.

Many people do take these flairs for granted, not knowing that extra cash could be earned if they render their services to the right clients.


As a voice-over actor, you can read scripts for commercials, cartoons, and video games, even narrating audiobooks. All that is needed in this side hustle is a smooth and quirky voice.

This job is something that can be done at one’s pace – at home if you have a microphone, mic suspension, headphones, and good acoustics.

Being a voice-over actor is a very financially lucrative side hustle. You can join an online marketplace or create your own website.


An interior decorator creates a home atmosphere that matches the client’s lifestyle. Interior decorating is not limited to home only, you can decorate a firm’s office, churches, and hotels.

Once you figured that naturally you are drawn to enhancing space with perfect furniture, color palettes, and accessories, then interior decorating might be your true calling.

Interior decorating is a side job one can do on and off. But mind you that at the end of the gig, you will be smiling with some handsome extra cash in your hand.


Sometimes people find themselves in a quagmire. They have been torn apart because of the life challenges they face. And as a result, living their best life becomes obsolete.

These types of people who are wealthy employ the services of a life coach.

A life coach is someone who advises people on how to live their best life and thrive despite the many challenges life throw at them. He/She focus more on self-improvement and realization, if this is your thing, becoming a life coach could be a lucrative side gig.


You can consult by recommending strategies that will help other businesses improve. Many individuals have gained a lot of experience in specific professions like project management, risk controller, human resources, financing, and marketing.

As a consultant, you can get clients by speaking at conferences, writing an ebook, starting a blog, and selling a guidebook online among numerous other ways.


You don’t have to have hundreds of thousands of dollars before investing in real estate. You can get started with a minimum investment of 1,000 USD and you can do this anywhere you find yourself comfortable.

It is not something difficult to understand. You can see the exact properties that are included in your portfolios. You can earn your income through interest payments and property income.

Check out this article, 5 Ways to Invest in Real Estate Online.


As a crafter, you can sell your products. You can comfortably earn extra income without hassle. You can craft as a hobby or as something you have a talent for.

Crafting ranged from woodwork, pottery, sewing, and knitting. These hobbies or talents can become a great source of extra income if you know where to sell them.

One can sell his/her craft at the art gallery, online (on eBay for instance), museum, etc.


So many students prefer learning visually over reading. Online course designing is more like an alternative to online tutoring. It requires less time with a good source of passive income.

If you are good at something and enjoy teaching it to others, create your own online course, showcase what you have to offer, and see people buying it.

Be sure to make the package interesting, informative, and attractive as video courses are more attractive.


Blogging is a long game that requires a monetization strategy and a lot of hard work. But if strategically done, can become a profitable way to earn an income.

It is one of the easiest and best side hustles for women who want to earn an extra income. You can create your niche and earn about six figures a year.

As a blogger, you could be paid for affiliate marketing, sponsored posts, and allowing ads on your website.

Through blogging, you can share your expertise and provide value to people looking for information and direction.


There are so many different side hustles that is ideal for women. If you choose one or two options from the list, you will be smiling sooner than you imagined because an extra income is on the way.

There is really no reason why you can’t start earning extra cash today as the aforementioned side hustle is something you can do at your own convenience.  

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