15 Side-Hustles You Can Start in your 20s

Side hustles are a very popular trend, a business trend actually but not very many people consider it. Some people feel it is a rigorous way of making cash. But come to think of it, who would want to say no to extra cash aside from your regular paycheck? My point exactly, no one!

Side hustles are seriously cool ways to make extra cash for yourself, you earn more and save/invest more too.

The entire idea of side hustle falls on the basic truth that it is a way to earn extra income; you could choose to invest in a retirement plan with proceeds of your side-gigs while maintaining your paycheck. It makes you feel more responsible and dedicated in your financial world.

It is not a strenuous activity if you consider some side hustle in your 20s especially if you ever have a plan to retire at a young age. Nonetheless, most people consider it a very difficult way to make extra cash. Making a few dollar bills isn’t a bad idea but it requires dedication, hard work, consistency, and a few good traits.

There are always side hustles you can pick that may not really interfere with your day job. And there are also some side hustles that do not come with stress, where you can work and earn $10, $15, $25, or even $50 per hour. The exciting thing about a side hustle is knowing that at the end of an hour or day, there will be something coming in.

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This article will guide you on different side hustles you can do based on your preference as you earn well-earned dollars in your 20s.

Here are 15 high-paying side hustles you can start in your 20s:

1. Teaching Gigs:

Teaching is a professional job that comes with a high paying amount. Hence if you like educating young ones, you should consider teaching something you know.

Everyone has something they can teach. You make choose to consider teaching a class you excel very well back then in college. Or you choose to teach your hobby such as coaching young ones on baseball, basketball, racing, and other.  

You can look up schools that are looking for a teacher in your field of study. There are out school and other options like Varsity Tutors which offers students long lessons in subjects such as dance or astronomy. According to part-time teachers earn an average salary of $10 to $22 per hour, which is totally not bad.

2. Caregivers: 

This is also another side hustle option where you choose to give out care to either aging people or pets as well. Aside from earning money from the job, it’s fun to care for people.

These are high-paying jobs too as Americans who feel the need to take care of their aging parents but cannot because of their busy schedule decide to sort out for caregivers.

You can make a well-paying side hustle in caring for aging people.

Also, people who love pets but can’t take care of them properly decide to look out for services like dog walking, and pet sitting.

These services can be gotten from sites such as Dog walkers make earn an average of $20- $40 per hour which depends on the number of pets, length of the walk, location.

3. Start a cleaning agency: 

It is best to start up a service-based operation, such as a cleaning agency. There are house cleaners who earn about $150.

If you want to start up a cleaning agency, you could look up sites which offer such services. House cleaning websites such as Thumbtack, TaskRabbit cleaners, and The Sweat Startup cleaners have juicy payment options.

4. Rent your personal stuff: 

You can choose to rent out your personal stuff such as your car, a space in your room and charge customers a specific amount for it. You can rent out your car especially if you are working from home and rarely have a need for it, hence, it is a wise option for you to make some extra cash from it.

You can check on car sharing companies like GetAround, Turo, and Car2go to handle this for you perfectly well, including insuring it. If you have a spare room and don’t mind sharing some company with someone, why not give it up for rent and earn some extra cash for it?

5. Start a Blog:  

Are you an amazing writer and like to share ideas with people all over the world? Then you should consider signing up for a blog site, where you put up some nice writing that people will learn to read, grow your audience and earn some money at the comfort of your home and in your own free time.

Although not the fastest way to make money, nonetheless, there are lots of ways to make money as a side hustle on blogging.

You can choose to advertise for people, become an affiliate for other people’s products, sell your online products, and many more.

6. Freelancing Online: 

These days there are lots of freelancing online jobs. One of the popular ways of doing freelancing nowadays is by doing SEO consulting. You can earn per/hour on the job if you are really good.

You can also venture into proofreading or transcription work. Many bloggers and authors need proofreaders to make sure their writing is accurate. And for podcasters, having a great transcription can be huge.   

7. Food Delivery or Groceries:

This is another side-paying hustle. You can deliver food from a restaurant to homes, or offices. There is a hot trend as people are looking to have groceries delivered for their families.

Insatcart is one of the most popular grocery delivery services nationwide.  You can choose to shop for people as well.

8. Catering: 

This side hustle fits perfectly well for those looking out for weekends gigs. There are catering companies looking for servers and wait staff just for an event they host mostly on weekends.

Craiglist section is a place where jobs like catering help will be posted. You are sure to earn a nice flat fee per event.

9. Babysitting: 

Babysitting is one high-paying side hustle because of the demands that come with the job. People have been in this job for the longest of time and getting paid for it.

The nice feeling about this is that you can get paid about $100 per night. Lots of people start babysitting in high school, so why can’t someone who is in his/her 20s be in the game too?

Plus, with online services to connect with parents, it is easier than ever to get booking.

10. Bookkeeping: 

Think about this side hustle when you are an organized person and definitely love to see things in their appropriate order. You could work from home making sure other people’s business’ income and expenses are entered correctly online.

Small businesses, especially those online are looking for bookkeepers o help them stay financially organized. You can choose to go online and learn professionally how to market yourself with a program like bookkeeping.

11. Sell on Amazon: 

If you have books, CDs, or DVDs and you want to sell them, then you should consider selling o Amazon. You will be surprised at how much you stand to make from it.

And If you are a college student you can consider selling your old textbooks, in that case, you should compare the Amazon prices to your bookstore buybacks prices Amazon is often a better place to sell.

12. Virtual Assistant Side-jobs:

If you enjoy writing, social media, and blogging, you can find virtual assistant jobs where you help other people run their sites and social media accounts.

Honestly, in most cases, this side hustle becomes of full-time thing for those who have enough time to spare. While your skillset improves, you make great money from it

13. Mystery Shopping: 

Many companies hire mystery shoppers to test the customer service of their stores. A common one is Subway, which hires mystery shoppers to ensure that “Sandwich Artist” is following all their products guidelines.

The sweet thing is that mystery shopping has transitioned almost exclusively online. You can do most mystery shopping on your phones.

14. Stock Photography: 

When you look at your phone, you would probably have thousands of city shots, travel pictures, and bedroom selfies among many others. You can upload your photos on sites like Shutterstock, Adobe Stock, and get paid every time someone licenses them.  

However, you should be able to provide quality pictures that do not require cinematic flair. It doesn’t even require you to be a great photographer to make a decent income on stock sites. You should try as much as possible to have the proper concept. Your pictures should also have commercial value too. The more you upload, the more your income grows.

15. Coding and Programming: 

This is one great high-paying side hustles I have come to know to start in your 20s. Sincerely speaking, not many activities beat coding and programming. In fact, people consider it as “the money skill in want in your twenties.

However, it is not one side hustle you can easily jump into. First, you have to be in the connected world, coding is rapidly becoming a general. Because of their importance, coding and programming are prevalent in almost every sector.


As much aside hustles help you to create extra income, it doesn’t give you a quick income once you start. I mean becoming super-rich at the very beginning. But, it sure leads you to that of becoming rich in your 20s with consistency, hard work, dedication as you keep pushing through.

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