12 Top Home Security Companies

 The growth in Home Security systems and the desire to protect our homes which start in the 1940s when it was first invented and in the 1980s when home security systems became a thing giving rise to different companies today.

Home security became less expensive as most security companies decided to bring down their upfront installation fees in order to collect monthly installation fees.

Aside from the installation which can be difficult or easy to install there are other things to look at when it comes to these companies such as convenience to use, the do-it-yourself (DIY), if it is wireless sensor-based especially when it can be controlled and managed using the home app in your phone, among other features.

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When I am assessing smart home security companies as a person who runs a smart home, there are many things I would love to take into cognizance.

  • I will be looking out for not just security devices that come with comfortability but one which ensures me the maximum protection I desire.
  • I will consider the camera quality of both the indoor and outdoor cameras, I want to look at the video doorbells, detectors, sensors, smart locks, smarts light, and other security devices.
  • Then I will go after these companies to see which offers the best of the devices, their prices, features, the installation, are there any advantages or disadvantages, and what smart home device is it compatible with. I don’t want to be running an ‘Alexa smart home‘ and purchasing a smart home security device that isn’t compatible with it hence making control difficult for me.

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With the many security systems out there today, it makes it difficult for one to wrap his/her head around which company offers what.

Hence, this article has put together top home security companies based on performance, affordability, reliability, flexibility, pricing, features, products, and service offered, and the pros and cons of each company.

Here are 12 Top Home Security Companies:

1. Vivint: 

RATING: 4.3/5

Vivint is our overall best smart home security company, founded in 1999 and has its headquarters in Provo, VT. It is a smart home company, with over 1.5 million customers, that focuses on home security and alarm systems.

The company is one of the largest home automation service companies in the world. After being acquired by Black Stone Group for over $2 billion, Vivint innovated its smart home security systems with modern and well-equipped designs.

The company has smart cameras that include outdoor Cameras pro, and video doorbell pro which accessories are known as the spotlight. With the Vivint Smart Hub panel and the Vivint mobile app, you can control everything in your home even using voice commands to lock and unlock.

Basic Features:

  • Wireless and cellular
  • Remote control
  • Professional installation and environmental protection
  • It has intrusion protection
  • There is voice control
  • It has climate and lighting control
  • It has keyless entry and a live footage
  • It has two ways audio


  • Equipment fees from $599 to $1,789 (Vivint’s flexibility)
  • Monthly monitoring fees from $29.99 to $44.99 (the more expensive the plan, the more advanced its features)
  • The professional installation fee is $99 (for all plans)


Going for Vivint equipment upfront helps you to access the remaining monthly fee as cheap as a DIY system. It has a none contract option. It is compatible with Amazon Alexa, Google, and Z-Wave smart home hub.


  • It has a speedy event response
  • It has a quality video doorbell
  • It has a touch screen
  • It has door locks, cameras, thermostats, and sensors
  • It can control using remote


  • It is pricey
  • The alarm sounds are not customized
  • Remote access requires a monthly subscription and too many bundles to be paid for.

Overall review

Aside from the pricey policy that is worth the services, it is user-friendly when it comes to app usage. The customer services are at an average level, it has flexible experience for customers and is very professional.

2. ADT: 

RATING: 4.2/5

ADT is the best when it comes to experience, after all, they are the oldest in the game. ADT is a 24/7 alarm monitoring American company that has been in existence since 1874 when it was founded and it has its headquarters in Boca, Raton, FL.

It provides fire protection, and electronic security for consumers. Being the oldest in the game, it is considered reliable and offers consumer professional installation services.

They offer security packages like installation, and add-on equipment costs, you can test their products for 30+ days, and their cost is $28.99+ per month. ADT is known for both wireless and hardwired security.

With the optional security, you can monitor your home from anywhere. ADT gives you mobile alerts and remote control over your home. Installation is professionally done. But ADT is not cheap in monitoring.

Basic Features

  • Professional installation
  • Emergency response system
  • It has Home Automation
  • It has wireless and hardwired


You have to pay upfront cost installation and equipment fee which is the basic.

  • Secure Home package costs $599 to $899 upfront + $45.99/month; or $55.97 to $60.97/month
  • Smart Home package costs $919 to $1219 upfront + $49.99/month; or $65.31 to $70.31/month
  • Video and Smart Home package costs $1,049 to $1,449 upfront + $57.99/month; or $75.47 to $82.14/month

Tips: It is compatible with Google Assistance, Z-Wave, and Amazon Alexa. You can get discounts from some insurance companies if you are using ADT.


  • It has a flexible home automation
  • It has a panic button
  • It is reliable
  • It gives users 6-months guarantee


  • It is very expensive
  • It is difficult to install
  • It requires contract

Overall Review and Rating

Although ADT cost is high it is worth the price for those who can afford it. It requires professional installation which cost is crazy.

The hardware is more expensive, unlike other DIY devices. Although they have great sensors like door and window sensors, motion detectors, smoke and CO detectors, and flood sensors which help you monitor your home, I think they are overpriced.

However, its camera quality is far better than Vivint. Based on customers’ feedback and experiences, I will rate ADT 4.2/5.

3. Ring: 

RATING: 4.0/5

Ring is the best when it comes to outdoor cameras. It was founded in 2012, acquired by Amazon in 2018, and has its headquarters in Santa Monica, California, US.

It is a smart home security company that provides smart doorbells surveillance IP cameras and other home alarm systems. It offers cloud recording and alarming monitoring.

Aside from Ring being a home security camera, it has police cameras. Currently, Ring launched its alarm Pro as a system with an inbuilt eero Wifi-6 router. When it comes to affordability, Ring doesn’t cost the wallet.

Basic features

  • It has a DIY installation
  • It has an environment and intrusion protection.
  • It has Wifi ad 3G cells alert
  • It has a low monitoring fee
  • It has home automation


Ring does not require equipment or monthly monitoring fee like other companies, although it recommends professional monitoring.

The basic package is from $159.99 (for 5 pieces kit) to $339.99 (for 8 pieces kit) with a Ring doorbell.

They have $3 and $10 traditional plans covering cloud storage of videos doorbell and unlimited doorbells and cameras. And a 24/7 professional monitoring Ring alarm is $20 per month.


All Ring products are wireless and compatible with Alexa. Ring offers a 30-day trial on its monitoring services for free.

When you buy a home security system that is compatible with Alexa, you can use voice control on it. And you can save on Ring alarm for prime day, thanks to it being an Amazon product.


  • It is very affordable
  • It doesn’t require a long-term contract
  • The monitoring cost is the cheapest
  • With Ring alarm, a business owner has options to save.
  • All of its products are wireless and you can tap into the live stream video of your home remotely.


  • It has contracting issues
  • It has no glass break sensors

Overall review

Based on customers’ feedback on installation, flexibility, user-friendly, affordability, and customer services (which seems pretty slow with unresolved issues) I think Ring is doing well.

However, because it is the cheapest doesn’t make it reliable especially when it gives videos to police without users’ consent.

I believe setting a limit and some sort of collaboration before any info is given to the police will be fine even though it works better as an environmental camera.

Overall, it is a good home security company if you are looking out for outdoor cameras.

4. Simplisafe: 

RATING: 4.2/5

Simplisafe is the best when it comes to a friendly budget. Founded in 2006, it designs and sells wireless security alarm systems and cameras among other products. Its headquarter is located in Boston, Massachusetts, U.S.A.

With Simplisafe you have varieties of affordable DIY options for numerous security systems to choose from.

It has burglary sensors which include entry sensors for $15, a motion sensor for $30, a panic button for $20, a smart door lock for $99, and other sensors. It has hazard sensors such as smoke detectors $30, leak detectors $20, and other add-ons like keypads, key fobs, sirens e.t.c.

Simplisafe stands out because it offers cheap DIY security systems. Its contract is on monthly basis.

Basic features

  • DIY installation
  • It is cellular and wireless
  • It has intrusion and environmental protection
  • It has a remote control


  • It comes in five package
  • Simplisafe has 15-pieces kits whose price is from $245 to $500
  • A $27.99 monitoring fee after a free one-month trial


They provide additional equipment packages for customers like the panic button, the haven Knox, the heart, the essentials, and the foundation and you can upgrade when you want.

Also, it allows you to customize your home security system or add-on with the Simplisafe app. The base station alerts monitoring centers. It is compatible with Google assistance, Nest and Alexa.

The outstanding thing about Simplisafe is the 24/7 professional monitoring plans like the standard plan ($17. 99 per month) and the interactive plan which cost $27.99 per month.


  • It does not require a long-term contract
  • It has low-cost hardware
  • Its monthly monitoring fee is reasonable
  • It is easy to install


  • The indoor camera is kind of underwhelming
  • It has a high upfront cost
  • Staying connected to the monitoring center is an issue.

Overall Review and rating

Although, it is connected to some smart home platforms but doesn’t give you room to add things like smart bulbs, or smart switches because you will have to control them separately from the security system.

However, Simplisafe smart lock is relatively not expensive but it has limited features when compare to Ring.

Based on customers’ feedback on customer service, monitoring, installation experiences, equipment and technological inbuilt, reliability, home automation, and the use of the mobile app, I will rate it a 4.2/5.

5. Nest: 

RATING: 4.3/5

Nest is smart home security acquired by Google in 2014 and it was founded in 2010. It has its headquarters in Palo Alto, California, US.

Nest offers you home security that lets you see what happened in the past with its smart cameras that have video encryption, 2-step verification, a wired or battery-powered indoor or outdoor camera, and a Cam with a floodlight as bright as 1080p HDR whether inside or outside.

It sells extra packages aside from the standard ones like extra sensors, the Nest Hub max, Nest hello doorbell camera, Nest camera outdoor, the IQ outdoor, and WIfi. When compared to other companies Nest offers both free self-monitoring options and paid monitoring plan.

Using the Nest mobile app, you can monitor your home from anywhere or you go for 24/7 professional monitoring by Brinks Home Security a coloration with Nest.

Basic Features:

  • It comes with Wifi and 3G cell alerts.
  • It has wireless equipment
  • Environmental and intrusion protection
  • It is a DIY installation
  • It has cellular monitoring.


The basic cost is $399 (which includes the central hub, two Nest detectors entry sensors) two Nest Tags (key chain fobs), and the Nest companion app. These packages can be customized from the Ring Simplisafe.


The Nest Guard allows you to control smart products from different companies. The Nest Detect sensor for your doors and windows and Nest Tags detect motion. The Nest Guard alerts you to anything the sensor picks. The hello doorbell works with Google Home.


  • It does not need a subscription or contract unless you opt for 24/7 professional monitoring.
  • It has an 85 DB siren that lasts for ten minutes
  • It offers settings backup protection. it has the best camera features
  • It provides you facial recognition with Nest awareness.


  • It is very expensive
  • The monitoring service is only available in the US and Canada

Overall Review

Because of the current compatible issues with Z-Wave and Nest equipment, customers who are already using the Z-Wave components find some trouble that can be fixed with standard wire installed, but you get to enjoy the experience of voice command using Google Assistant.

Aside from these issues and maybe other little problems, nest video quality is top-notch.

6. Arlo: 

RATING: 4.0/5

Arlo was a part of Netgear but in 2018 it became a company of its own with its headquarters at San Jose, California. The company design and engineers wireless surveillance cameras.

It has all-in-one sensors that work seamlessly with indoor and outdoor cameras, video doorbells, floodlight with professional monitoring, intelligent motion detectors, video cloud storage, and one-touch emergency response when combined with a secure plan.

Basic Features

  • It has a DIY installation
  • You can view live updates directly from your phone.
  • It can be 10+ days tested
  • It is easy to install
  • It is wireless


  • Depending on what you are looking for, Arlo has the Arlo Pro 3 which is under $500 for a 2-came average and includes two cameras, a smart Hub, and installation hardware.
  • The Arlo Q indoor camera is 1080p HD image quality, infrared night vision, two-way talk, and a wide range of 130-degree viewing angles.
  • Then, there is the Arlo essential camera of 1080p HD resolution for $129.99
  • And other cams like Arlo Po2 and 4, Arlo ultra 2, and Arlo baby with different price ranges. These cameras work smart.


  • It has a DIY installation
  • Wireless system
  • Indoor and outdoor cameras with light and night vision options
  • It has an excellent performance


  • It is pricey
  • Arlo can require a paid subscription to access some of its best features

Overall Review

Arlo offers an intelligent security system but it doesn’t include features like door or window sensors or professional monitoring that gives you the feel of traditional home security but its cameras are great.

Although, it has no contract required and has the lowest monthly. It is connected to a voice assistant and extra packages like smart motion detection which comes with a monthly sub-cost of their cloud storage plans.

Installation is easy, you can simply download their app, connect the camera to Hub and fix your camera wherever you like.

It is notable for its smart features and different options but falls short when it comes to battery duration.

7. Abode: 

RATING: 4.0/5

Abode was founded in 2014 and has its headquarters in San Francisco, California. It stands out in the home security system because it offers compatibility with so many sensors and camera companies for customized experience integration with Apple Homekit. Abode is the best security system for renters and small business owners.

It also offers a pro monitoring 3-days bundles. Despite being new, it offers a DIY installation security service and its products are seamlessly integrated into a smart home automation platform.

It has smart security kits starting from $199 offering the following equipment; motion sensor, gateway (which supports different third-party integrations) 1 mini door and window sensor, and 1 secured Abode sticker.

The iota all-in-one security kit, the latest system from Abode includes an IHO streaming camera in an all-in-one security device, 1 key Fob, 1 mini door, and a window sensor.

Basic Features

  • It is a wireless system
  • It has a DIY installation
  • It environmental protection
  • Home automation and cellular backup


  • The equipment bundle is from $199 to 329
  • Optional one-demand monitoring plans from $8-$20 per month


Abode equipment includes a glass break sensor, door and window indoor motion, temperature, humidity and light, water leak motion detector, strip sensor, outdoor siren, outdoor smart cameras, and others.

You can get a 50% discount the annual connect or secure plan in the first year when addeda with smart security kit, Abode has a basic plan which allows you gain access to your house and can pair with smart devices.

You can choose to customize the tour alert to know when your door is opened or closed or detect motion.


  • It does not require a contract
  • It has an unlimited equipment warranty
  • Unlike Nest, Abode offers services even when the Wifi is off.
  • It is a DIY installation


  • It has too many sensors
  • It has no control panel
  • You can’t merge notifications from your mobile app
  • It is a limited option for large houses.

Overall Review

You can spend less on equipment with Abode than others. Its base station key fob is included in the starter kit price of $279 making it the cheapest. However, based on pricing, tech policies, performance, video alarm verification, high camera quality, and customers’ feedback, I rate Abode 4.0/5.

8. Frontpoint: 

Frontpoint founded in 2007, it has its headquarters in Washington DC, US. It offers a DIY home security system with different equipment to choose from and their price ranges depending on the professional monitoring cost of $34.99 per month. It has different cameras and sensors.

The company’s smart app allows you to remotely control inside and outside your house. With full access which other companies do not offer.

Its packages come in security and smart home component and an additional professional security monitoring will cost you $44.9 per month which is expensive. With packages worth $3392 to $4598 you can get security cameras, sensors, light control, smart door lock, and others.

Basic Features

  • It is a DIY installation
  • It has a front point Hub and keypad
  • It has two door or window sensors
  • A doorbell camera and a motion sensor come in the safe house company’s starter security package.


  • Front interactive monitoring plan cost $44.9 per month
  • The bunker package costs $15.34 per month
  • Add-ons and other upgrades depend on what you are going for like smart door lock $4.36 per month, wireless light control $1.21 per month, and front point touch screen $3.63 per month.


  • Good responsive service for customers
  • It allows you to customize some tools
  • It has a cellular connection for all plans


  • It has an expensive monthly cost
  • It does not give a lifetime warranty
  • They do not have professional installation

Overall Review

The system is easy to set up since you don’t have to worry about wiring, but some people find it difficult.

You can integrate all of the smart home features with a Front mobile app which is simple to control from one place which makes Frontpoint different from other companies that charge fees for this tool.

However, the monthly cost is high but suitable for professional services since it is a DIY installation mostly.

9. Brinks Home: 

Brinks Home was founded in 1994 and has its headquarters in Farmer Branch, Tx. It offers smart home security equipment packages from $199 to $700.

With Brinks, you can monitor anything because of its sensor options but its equipment is around average monitoring services unlike the others like ADT.

It comes with security packages which vary in their prices as well. It is quite suitable for customers who are trying to adjust to home security because it is straightforward.

However, it requires a contract of 3 years and it offers you a 30-day trial, which includes a cancellation fee. Its warranty last for two years.

Basic Features

  • DIY installation
  • It has a two-way talk feature
  • The outdoor and doorbell cameras come in HD quality (which are monitored by professionals)


  • It offers a huge range of sensors
  • Smart security essentials $33.99 per month
  • Smart security complete $44.99 per month
  • Smart security ultimate $49.99
  • A monthly video plan is $10 while a standard video plan is $39.99 per month


  • It has tons of sensors
  • It has responsive customer services
  • It has monitoring Brinks and Google Nest equipment
  • Home automation for newcomers and speedy alert


  • Credit approval is required
  • It has an average monitoring service
  • It has limited equipment packages

Overall Review

Though it has only limited packages for customers, with complete package and the home automation features like smart locks lights, control, and thermostats which are available at $44.99 is cheaper when compared to Front point or Vivint.

However, it has equipment that is considered the safest option. Also from Alarm. Com and Skybell, offer average equipment costs.

It is also a DIY installation with over-the-phone support. It also offers IQ. 2.0 control panel, door, and window sensors. It is compatible with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant because of the control panel which can be used as a smart home hub.

10. Eufy:

Eufy is part of Anker (an American Electronic brand founded in 2011) with Eufy customers who are building a smart home from scratch will find this interesting. Eufy comes with four kinds of 2k cameras and with all the basic sensors.

It is a DIY installation that can be controlled from the mobile app. It has a 5-piece alarm kit that is like the other security system with a DIY installation.

It is suitable for renters, newcomers to home security, for private buffs. It sends video footage to encrypted local storage instead of the cloud.

Kit is the main security for Eufy which includes the Eufy Home base, contact sensors, motion sensor, and keypad.

Basic Features

  • It is a self-monitored system
  • It is controlled from a mobile app
  • It has a home base
  • It has advanced indoor and outdoor cameras


It is compatible with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant. Eufy has different types of doorbells like wired and battery options in 2k and 1080p resolutions.

The outdoor cameras come with motion setting detecting human and activity zones (which you don’t pay for).

The Eufy camera Pro 2 is best for outdoors because it is weatherproof and allows advanced night vision giving you proper monitoring of what goes around.

The indoor cameras are of four types 2k and two with 1080p. they are all HD cameras but for clearer and brighter pictures especially when zooming the 2k is the best.


  • It has long-lasting power in terms of battery which is where it stands out
  • It has a wireless door lock with fingerprint recognition
  • It is practical and affordable


  • It has no monthly fee
  • No two-factor authentication option to access stored data
  • Magnetic mount poses a minor security issue to Eufy Cam 2

Overall Review

With the 4G security camera and a smart scale, Eufy is more impressive and practical. The doorbell is of course a smart lock and works with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant.

The video doorbell runs up to 6-months of battery life per single usage. When a package arrives it detects you and the video doorbell sends you a Guard technology.

11. Link interactive: 

RATING: 4.2/5

Link Interactive was founded in 1952 and has its headquarters in Utah but it patterns with Alarm.com to provide security home devices. Link is good when it comes to high-quality security devices, home automation, and amazing customer services.

Being in the game for 60 years, it is wireless security, Link offers different equipment like IQ panel, keypad, IQ remote, key fob, door and window sensor, plunger door sensor and other door sensors, glass break detector, smoke detector, heat detector, firefighter module, IQ flood, indoor siren, z-wave thermostats, and other equipment

Basic features

  • It has smartphone control
  • DIY installation
  • It has a wireless cellular
  • Home automation

Package Prices

  • Standard plan $30
  • Gold plan$39.99
  • Elite plan $44.99


Currently, it offers customers a few touch screen control panels, a yard sign, and window decals. Its system works with a mobile app from Alarm.com which is free. It is flexible. It is also compatible with Z-wave and Alexa.


  • It has high video quality and good customer services
  • It is easy to install
  • It has one of the best cameras
  • Two-way voice
  • No long-term contracts


  • No Pro installation
  • It has an upfront equipment cost.

Overall Review

It is rated A+ on BBB for renters and homeowners. It is undoubtedly a high-quality security system like ADT and its great monitoring services.

Their quick customer responsive feedback makes it more outstanding. And it has multiple equipment choices.

12. Scout: 

When it comes to the best in aesthetic look and compatibility Scout has it. It is a DIY home security company that offers users affordable packages.

It is best for customers who do not want to be in any contract at all. It offers users four security packages and two monitoring places, giving customers the choice of how they want to secure their homes. It also gives additional upgrade items aside from its 5 packages.

Scout is best for scout hubs, door panels, smart locks, glass break sensors, water sensors, yard sigh, motion sensors, access sensors, and key fobs because they are affordable but can fit into large houses.


  • It is a DIY installation
  • It is affordable
  • Home automation
  • It has a unique door panel
  • It has a scout alarm video doorbell and scout indoor camera


  • Scout small pack 8 items $222.00
  • Scout large pack 12 items $319.00
  • Scout element 12 items $349
  • Scout Architect 12 items $549.00
  • Scout always on+ plan $199.99 per month
  • Scout always on plan at $9.99 per month


  • It can be connected to a third-party device with scout Alarm home. It is compatible with Z-Wave and ZigBee smart home devices with your system. It offers a 60-day return policy and a 3-year warranty.


  • It has a DIY installation
  • It offers a 60-day return policy
  • It has no contract policy


  • It charges for self-monitoring
  • It doesn’t offer professional installation

Overall Review

Because it is still new hence, it doesn’t have a BBB rating. However, it lets you control your own system but charges you for self-monitoring, which I consider not comfortable.

It lets you add other packages if you want but it has the least customer reviews. Although it is user-friendly because of the features, and reasonable prices on equipment, I just don’t like the company’s charges.

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