10 Top Smart Home Companies

With the increasing development in technology and the desire to have a comfortable and smart home that eases off the stress of running your household, smart home companies are inventing innovative smart home devices to power modern (smart) homes.

According to Statista, the smart home market is projected to reach $115.70bn in 2022, and is expected to grow at an annual growth rate of 13.97% from 2022 – 2026 reaching a projected market size of $195.20bn by 2026.

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Over the years with the introduction of technologies that are designed with intelligent built-in systems to provide consumers with the opportunity of running a smart home, different companies have evolved bringing their A games into the system with what they are best known for.

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Knowing the smart home device you want is one thing and knowing where to get the best of it is another different ball game.

There are a lot of companies when it comes to smart home brands that are known for having the best. This article has put together top smart home companies and what you need to know about them.

Here are the Top 10 Smart Home Companies:

CompaniesHeadquarters Popular Smart Home Products
1. AmazonWashington, USHome Security & Smart Speakers
2. GoogleCalifornia, USNest Learning Thermostats, Smart Smoke Detectors & Smart Speakers
3. AppleCalifornia, USDevice Security
4. SamsungSeoul, South KoreaMesh WiFi
5. PhilipsNetherlands Smart Lighting
6. EcobeeOntario, CanadaSmart Thermostats
7. LGSeoul, South KoreaSmart TVs, Smart Vacuum Cleaner
8. SiemensMunich, GermanySmart Kitchen Appliances
9. HoneywellNorth Carolina, USSmart Thermostats
10. BelkinsCalifornia, USSmart Plugs

1. Amazon:

Founded by Jeff Bezos in 1994, Amazon has grown from an online bookseller to a technology behemoth leading different niches in the tech space including the smart home niche.

It started its line of smart home products to satisfy consumers’ smart home gadget needs with products such as its virtual assistant, Amazon Alexa, giving consumers the experience of voice technology.

When it comes to home security devices Amazon is reliable. The Ring Always Home Cam, a flying indoor cam, gives consumers 24-hour home security with multiple perspectives, a customizable flight path, and an in-flight live view.

Aside from amazing smart security devices, Amazon also have other great products such as the Amazon Echo which is one of the best speakers, arguably the best, when it comes to market credibility.

The Amazon Echo powered by Alexa acts as a smart hub that helps you to connect with other smart devices to enable you to use your voice to turn on lights. Other smart home appliances on Amazon are smart locks and entry, security cameras, plugs, and outlets, amazon Astro, household robots and so many others.

2. Google: 

Over the years, Google has made some serious development when it comes to the digital assistant platform at home.

The Google Home app offers you control over your smart home devices, with Google smart home thermostats, home hubs, home security cameras, lightbulbs WiFi plugs, you can set up your automated home with these Google assistant-compatible devices.

With the setting of the app, you can arrange your devices into different rooms using voice commands if you want. You have the option to customize the actions you want. The recognition of individual voices is one amazing feature of Google.

In 2014, Google bought a smart home company Nest, which today is called Google Nest with a budget of $3.2 billion. Smart home devices like Thermostats smart speakers or cameras and more smart home products can be navigated through Nest.

Some other Google products are Google Nest HubMax which is a 10-inch touchscreen that shows you video and it works with the built-in camera to let you make video calls. It comes in different models such as the 7-inch screen.

Currently, there is an inclusion of Nest Hub which you can control your smart devices using voice commands. Also, the Google touch screen is really cool with the voice command you can do pretty much everything from where you are.

Let’s talk about how convenient the screen is, and how you can view footage from the Nest IP camera on the Google home. I find it interesting that I can control my home with ease using Nest Hub.

Google smart home products include smart speakers, smart displays, smart thermostats, smart doorbells, smart in-door and outdoor cameras, and smart smoke and CO alarms among numerous others. Check out Google’s ecosystem of smart home devices here.

3. Apple 

Apple launched its smart home line in 2014, although it started slowly today it is among the best smart home companies as it has gained recognition for its smart products over the year.

From smart speakers (the Apple Homepod) which is built with Siri (Apple’s intelligent virtual assistant and the most used virtual assistant) to Apple TV, Apple has a wide range of smart home products in its ecosystem.

The HoomeKit helps a consumer control all the smart devices you have at home, especially the one you want to include in the Homekit network. The HomeKit is called the home app. It is already pre-installed on your iPhone or iPad as it runs on ios 10 or Better.

On the downside, it doesn’t favor Android users, windows, or any other system which is an older version of ios. Through the app, you can control your home devices such as lights, and locks using WiFi for Bluetooth or even a voice command through Siri.

However, unlike Amazon and Google, Apple isn’t manufacturing its own devices except for the Apple TV which acts like a hub. Apple with the help of third-party manufacturers makes these devices fit in with its Homekit system and connect all of those devices through integration with iOS via the Home app.

Here is a link to smart home devices that can integrate with Apple’s Homekit.

Currently, Apple has set up a new app that makes navigation easier for you whether you have a big smart home with a lot of devices or you recently just started using it. Of course, I am talking about the new features of iOS 16 which were announced at the WWDC, 2022. This way users can efficiently and reliably control devices.

Generally speaking, some people find the Apple Smart Home devices great especially with the Home App however, there is some kind of confusion trying to figure out which device you want to use for control but with the new interface, it becomes easy to navigate.

However, I feel there should be more device support for Home App and HomeKit aside from the ones already there, like Alexa or Google Assistant, so that the HomeKit can make everything available in one place.

4. Samsung:

Samsung acquired SmartThings, its smart home subsidiary, in 2014 with the aim of providing smart home devices for users. The introduction of SmartThings Hub makes it a lot easier for smart home owners to control and manage their home via a single application.

You can connect your washing machines, and refrigerators, smart TVs, digital cameras, and others through the SmartThings open system. And Just like Google and Apple, it also offers voice commands.

Some of their products include and services include smart cameras, and smart trackers and with SmartThings you can manage so many things through one smart hub such as the lights, cameras, voice assistants, locks thermostats, and others.

When it come to home appliances and consumer electronics in general, Samgung is a household name and a quality brand. Their range of smart home devices stretches from smart TVs, smart refrigerator, robot vacuum/mop, smart bulb to smart plugs.

The Samsung SmartThings Hub can also connect to a wide range of third-parties smart home devices.

5. Philips:

In the smart home industry, Philips is best known for its smart lights. Philips Hue was the first smart bulb that can be controlled wirelessly. One beautiful thing about the Philips smart home is the Hue that helps you control your home in an intelligent way.

The company’s smart lights includes smart bulbs, smart lamps, and smart lightstrips. It also develops smart plugs, smart switches, and smart motion sensors

The Philip Hue application makes navigation easier with different shortcuts. You can change the color of your lights on iPad, iPhone, or iPod touch. You can turn off the light with the app. Follow this link to see how Hue works.

 A lot of people enjoy installing Philips smart color-changing lights because it works with multiple smart home hubs and the configuration is easy.

6. Ecobee:  

The need for creating Wifi-enable thermostat to save more energy gave birth to Ecobee. Ecobee is a Canadian automation company aimed at assisting consumers run a smart home especially when it gives a means that you can identify when someone is in your home or you plan to be away from your house.

The Ecobee thermostats has delivered 25 TWh of energy savings. Interestingly, Ecobee works with other platform you already know such as Amazon Alexa, Apple HomeKit, Samsung Smartthings and Google Assistant, making control and managing easier  for users. Their designs comes with built-in advanced radar, and smart security.

Ecobee smart home devices now includes the Ecobee smart thermostats, Smart indoor security cameras, and smart sensors.

7. LG:

You can’t take out LG when it comes to a pioneer that is traced to consumer electronics industry from the black and white TV evolution. Established as Lak Hui Chemical Industrial Corp, 1947. LG is the world’s second-largest manufacturer in terms of TV.

LG launched its own smart home devices with its headquarters in Yeouido-dong, Seoul, South Korea and has provided consumers with home electronics features, and smart technology that is designed to suit your home.

The new LG ThinQ app has helped in creating a smart home where you save energy through energy optimization features that is connected to products.

With the ThinQ app consumers can easily monitor their homes, monitor household progress such as laundry, consumers can identify and resolves issues without waiting for technicians. The ThinQ app informs you when you are doing something wrong on a machine.

With the WebOS platform of LG Smart TVs, one can get access to website, voice control streaming options and others, not to mention the magic remote. I believe coming up with the ThinQ app that helps one manage and control the home from a single server is great for the LG smart home ecosystem.

8. Siemens: 

This company has been in existence way back 20th century providing consumers with home appliances evolving through out Europe. It is notable for its smart home appliances such as smart ovens capable of telling you the cooking temperature from your phone. When you think of a smart kitchen, Siemens comes in mind.

Their best product is the IQ700 oven because of how it is design to serve consumers with ease. Bosch, a top notch machine and the IDOS washing machine takes care of your laundry desires.

With the Siemens Home app set on your phone, you can easily manage, monitor, and control your kitchen appliances including your fridge from your home.

9. Honeywell:

Honeywell is creating a smart home hub, enhanced productivity and safety. Honeywell designs a different range of products for smart home security systems that are built to protect you.

There are the HD cameras that combine a hind siren, access sensors place on doors and windows to detect when they are open or closed, motion sensor detects movement key Fob a remote use to control the home and motion viewers which are motion sensors outfitted with tiny cameras.

Although there seems to be a technicality with the installation of the cameras, if you don’t know how to go about it. Also, it is compatible with Alexa hence it makes things easier. However, it needs internet connectivity.

The Honeywell smart home system is easy to use and setting it up is not difficult. The Honeywell thermostats helps you change the temperature of your home by controlling it from your phone.

10. Belkin:

Belkin is designed in southern California with an aim of providing consumers with products that will bring out comfortability. Their products include speakers, MagSafe, chargers, headphones, adapters, docks and hubs. With the launch of WeMo by Belkin in 2015, there is a smart home solution built for a connected home, such as the WeMo smart video doorbell, smart lighting, plugs, and security.

Currently WeMo offers a smart video doorbell, displaying an expanded 178-degree field of view, an enhanced camera of 4mp high resolution for optimal vision at night and this can be controlled, and managed through Home app on iphone, Mac and ipad.

Belkin is notable for WeMo and ipad smart plug which uses your WiFi to control your device capable of turning it on and off considering the temperature,

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