10 Top Blockchain Security Companies

 Almost 300 billion cryptocurrencies around the world are being powered by blockchain networks and we have over a million smart contracts running on Ethereum alone.

The blockchain system has a lot riding on it, yet it is far from safe or secure which makes blockchain-based applications entirely vulnerable to hacker attacks because of the shared public ledger structure, any glitch in the system allows hackers to mess with them and steal or cause huge financial loss.

Moreover, Blockchain, as it is, is still in the early stages of development. Some of the world’s largest corporations and many governments see it as a technology that will have a hugely transformative impact on the traditional socio-economic systems.

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Hence, the need for sophisticated security architecture around the entire blockchain ecosystem is imperative.

A lot is going on to make sure that blockchain tech doesn’t cause huge economic turmoil or ruin big businesses as a result of the loopholes that may be in the system.

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Here are 10 Top Blockchain Security Companies making sure that the blockchain technology is safe and secure:

1. CertiK  

CertiK is one of the most reliable and fast-developing blockchain security companies. The company developed a decentralized proof engine that works as a guarantee or mathematically ensures that the blockchain ecosystem is bug-free and secured against hackers.

The company leverages Formal Verification and AI technology to monitor and ensure the security of blockchain systems.

CertiK offers the following products to its customers:

  • A security audit on smart contracts and blockchain to identify weaknesses and recommend solutions.
  • Skynet an on-chain security monitoring and data insights for smart contracts.
  • SkyTrace an intelligent flow of funds between wallets, this is also amongst the service they render.
  • Penetrating Testing an attack simulation to expose the most complex vulnerabilities on crypto exchanges, wallets and Dapps.

So far, CertiK has been able to detect over 45,000 vulnerabilities in blockchain code and has worked with over 2,500 enterprise clients. They’ve been able to secure over $310 billion worth of digital assets. And their top clients include AAVE, polygon, Binance Smart Chain, Chillz, Terra, and Yearn.

CertiK is one of those blockchain security companies that have maintained their unique vision to shield and secure blockchain networks and smart contracts from hackers and make crypto space reliable for, wallets, traders, and Dapps to bank on.

2. Fireblocks

Fireblocks is more than just a blockchain security company, they are a cybersecurity firm that specializes in blockchain, digital assets, finance, tokenization, and obviously crypto.

The company is headquartered in New York, and also has offices around the globe in countries like; the UK, Israel, Singapore, Hong-Kong, Germany, Switzerland and France with 200+ employees and over 20 investors.

Fireblock is one of the prominent blockchain security companies that provide financial solutions to protect financial institutions that holds digital assets such as cryptocurrencies from cyber crimes and make their platforms hackers resistant. They are built using next-generation technologies to help solve the future’s operational and security challenges.

Fireblocks was named the ‘Best Custodian – Innovation’ & ‘Best Cyber Security Provider’ at the inaugural Hedgeweek’s US Digital Asset Awards, an award symbolizing recognition for their innovation & commitment to digital assets security.

3. Chainalysis

Chainalysis is a New York-based blockchain security company that boasts an impressive track record of providing top-notch services such as research content or analysis and investigating cybercrimes to financial institutions, government parastatals, cryptocurrency businesses and as well other cyber security firms in over 60 countries since 2014.

 In the industry of blockchain networks, chainalysis services like conducting data-driven investigations on fraudulent acts for financial parastatals and building market intelligence softwares have been used to solve some world’s most high-end criminal cases and have made the crypto space safe for anyone to use for legit and bug-free transactions.

Recently, Chainalysis announce the launch of two sanctions screening tools, an API and an on-chain oracle available for free. The purpose of these tools are to help DEXs, DeFi, DAOs, and DApp developers comply with sanctions policies.

4. Slowmist

Slowmist is also a blockchain security company that was founded in the year 2018. To become a global force, the company was founded by a team with over 10 years of network security experience. Its mission is to ensure that the blockchain ecosystem is as secure as possible for everyone.

They’ve worked with a number of well-known projects, such as Binance, imToken,, Amber Group, Klaytn, EOS, 1inch, PancakeSwap, TUSD, OKEx, Alpaca Finance, MultiChain, O3Swap, Huaobi and the likes.

With the help of experienced and intelligent teams that get things running in this company, they are capable of identifying threats in a blockchain system and proffer effective solutions by providing a comprehensive security solution that is tailored to their client’s projects.

They offer a quite a lot of security-related services. Several high-risk blockchain security issues were discovered and published by their team. They are also enhancing awareness and security standards in the blockchain ecosystem through their publications.

5. TRM Labs

TRM Labs is a firm that helps crypto businesses, government, and public parastatals and financial institutions manage financial crime risk using blockchain intelligence to build trust in digital assets.

It is a fast-growing blockchain security company that aims to streamline compliance in the crypto industry, established in 2017 and located in San Francisco, California US with over 11-50 employees.

The company specializes in Blockchain analysis, transactions monitoring, anti-money laundering and crypto compliance. And offer blockchain intelligence tools to assist enterprises in detecting, monitoring, and investigating fraud and financial crime involving digital assets.

Their partners include Cello, Binance, Falcon X, Trusttoken, Moonpay, and the likes. They stand out to be a firm that has extensive asset coverage, largely into cross-chain analytics with investors like JP Morgan Chase and Tiger Global Management.

6. CipherTrace

CipherTrace is one of the fastest-growing blockchain security companies in the cryptocurrency and blockchain industry. The company is headquartered in Menlo, California, was founded in 2015, and acquired by Mastercard company in 2021.

The company is focused on making crypto assets, cryptocurrencies, and blockchain safe and reliable for businesses and financial institutions.

Over the years, CipherTrace is a firm that has been used by leading exchanges, banks, digital assets businesses, and even investigators to trackdown transaction flow, foster trust in the crypto space and enforce anti-money laundry regulations.

They provide solutions like encrypting virtual assets and protecting banks, card issuers, and payment processors from money laundering risk, virtual assets laundering risk, and lastly virtual currency payment risk with their database system.

CipherTrace Recognized by CB Insights as One of 50 Most Innovative Blockchain Companies in 2020.

7. Coinfirm

Coinfirm has grown to become a renowned regulatory technology firm that focuses on digital currencies and blockchain-based financial ecosystems.

The company was founded in 2016 and is headquartered in London. They also have offices in the United States, Canada, Poland, and Japan.

Coinfirm’s industry-leading risk management solution is one of which has been standing as a backbone for the long-term scaling of cryptocurrencies and blockchain systems. Their solutions have been deployed in financial inclusion projects, human trafficking prevention, and the global digital economy.

As cryptocurrency and blockchain is gradually reaching mass adoption, this firm as well is doing everything to make sure that protocols, exchanges, businesses and institutions find this blockchain system reliable to operate and making it less or not risky to use.

Coinfirm renders services like forensic, AML (anti-money laundering), and financial investigations, and is the first firm to offer an AML compliance solution to DeFi (Decentralized Finance) platform.

8. Elliptic

Elliptic is one of the top blockchain security companies that specialize in transactions monitoring, crypto wallet screening, crypto investigations, regulatory affairs, and fraud prevention.

The company was established in 2013 and has also been preventing financial crime on cryptoassets from that time, which makes it one of the oldest blockchain security companies around the block. Elliptic is headquartered in London, UK, and also has offices in New York, Singapore, Tokyo.

The Blockchain Security company provides services like the Elliptic Formation for finding and assessing crypto-asset exposure, Lens for inspecting crypto wallets, and Navigator for managing or controlling crypto risk.

Elliptic also provides blockchain analytics for crypto assets compliance. And help compliance teams or body to manage risk across 500+ cryptoassets and fulfill regulatory terms.


QEDIT is a blockchain security company located in Tel Aviv, Israel that provides an enterprise solution for preserving privacy on the Blockchain through a Zero-Knowledge Blockchain.

By creating proof for everyone but data for one, the Zero-Knowledge blockchain developed by QEDIT acts as a trust accelerator between companies that want to collaborate on a non-sharable database.

The company specializes in Privacy-enhancing technology, Zero-knowledge proof cryptography, Data privacy, data collaboration, among others.

QEDIT helps banks maintain privacy when moving assets across decentralized networks and helps companies implement supply chain management systems with their entire ecosystem while maintaining privacy private. They also enable collaboration based on confidential information without exposing the underlying data.

10. Peckshield 

Peckshield is a blockchain security company that is big on security in the crypto space and blockchain ecosystem.

Their security services include blockchain security survey, smart contract security survey, DeFi security survey, and exchange security survey. Peckshield serves over 27 big global customers in the crypto industry.

With decades of experience and proven achievements in vulnerability scanning, operating systems, and malware prevention, PeckShield offers independent service brands such as DAppTotal and CoinHolmes, and at the same time provides total security solutions for all blockchain users.

They’ve been making big waves in the crypto space and they are security-driven, allowing the network “edges” to continue to grow and scale without compromising an organisations security.

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