10 Top Affordable Places to Retire on a Budget

In the US today, hundreds of thousands of Americans give a goodbye kiss to the working world while they embrace a new retirement lifestyle. In most cases, people choose to relocate to a different place for retirement.

Some prefer to spend their retirement in places with pleasant weather while considering some other options such as good health care and low cost, of course, that will help their retirement savings to actually go a long way.

Obviously, there comes a time in our lives when a regular working-class community doesn’t suit or makes sense to us anymore especially when we get wiser or older.

Sometimes, people just want to be close to their age group or be in some place quieter. You need a retirement community when you are retired and start to feel that way.

Retiring to a nice place isn’t the problem but going for what is quite affordable for you should be at the top of your priority list.

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Since you already have a retirement plan, going for that inexpensive or low-cost retirement community will be your aim, especially if you have decided to stay in the US.

Inasmuch as you may want to have a retirement lifestyle by settling in a particular community, you also need to watch out for the cost of living in the area and see if it matches up to your retirement fund.  

Think of a retirement community as a plan for the future. Where you are looking not just for a home but a support system, socialization, and amenities that fit within your lifestyle, needs, and budget.

What makes a community a retiree’s dream

  • Cost and value of a community (laundry services, housekeeping, utilities, transportation services, social and cultural events)
  • Financial services for retirement living
  • Reputation and history of the retirement
  • Access to healthcare
  • Family visit
  • Food, dining, and socialization

Here are 10 amazing communities where retirement is affordable, taxes are considerable and fewer expenses on healthcare:

PlacePopulationCrime RateMedian Home Value
1. Spokane, Washington456,0005.4%$335,100
2. Roanoke, Virginia 99,54522.7%$195,100
3. Sherman, Texas47,05920.9%$186,500
4. Chattanooga, Tennesse185,44250.3%$138,100
5. Sioux Fall, S. Dakota193,97825.5%$152,200
6. Tulsa, Oklahoma403,51840.7%$122,000
7. New Orleans, Louisiana387,56413.2%$183,700
8. Hot Spring, Arkansas 39,26837.7%$115,600
9. Grand Junction, Colorado63,59721.5%$367,800
10. Decatur, Alabama54,44315.8%$176,700
10 Top Affordable Places to Retire on a Budget

1. Spokane, Washington:

For romantics retirees who have an admiration for nature, Spokane is a choice to consider. It is located 300 miles east of Seattle between the Cascade mountains and Rocky mountains which offer retirees the pleasure of hiking and biking.

The downtown Centennial Trail, which has around 70 lakes and rivers gives pleasure for swimming, boating, fishing, and more.

There are golf courses, wineries, and distilleries around the area. Although health care costs for retirees are 10.5% above the national average, Spokane is affordable.

2. Roanoke, Virginia:

Roanoke offers a good retiring living cost and has many medical and recreational facilities. It is a beautiful place with nice people.

There are a number of museums, theaters, and other forms of entertainment with a variety of stores and delivery services available, which is dependent on where in the valley you live.

However, it has limited public transportation and Roanoke’s high pollen count could be a problem in summer as it is hot and humid.

3. Sherman, Texas:

Sherman is one town where you get a comfortable, affordable yet successful life. It is a mid-sized town that gives a superb blend of city and small-town life. It is located between Oklahoma and Dallas. It is less populated and less congested.

This community has a strong economy and boasts a low cost of living. It has conducive weather because of the good climate of the Great Plains.

Summer though hot, but it’s never dry. Housing in Sherman is much is not expensive at all.

There are many retirees living in Sherman for people looking for a disturbance-free life, Sherman is such a place to live.

4. Chattanooga, Tennessee:

Chattanooga has a milder climate and much lower costs making it a good choice to consider. Surrounded by mountains and scenic beauty.

It also has wealth of attractions, walking trails, coffee shops, great medical care, friendly neighborhood with a low cost of living that fits your pocket just well.

Chattanooga has so many local specialty shops and restaurants downtown, it has lots of festivals and top attractions such as the Tennessee Aquarium, Ruby Falls, and Rocky City Gardens.

 5. Sioux Falls, South Dakota:

This is an outstanding destination for a retirement plan. It is very affordable. In fact when it comes to living a fabulous life on a low budget then Sioux falls comes to mind.

With factors such as average income, average home prices, taxes, cost of living health care, and weather when determining the most affordable places to retire around the country, Sioux Falls makes the list.

Its vibrant downtown offers retirees an electric isn’t scene plus an enticing array of local restaurants.

 6. Tulsa, Oklahoma:

Tusla is affordable and a great place for retirees to spend their lovely years. It has many restaurants lively arts and entertainment, abundant outdoor recreation, and sports culture which contributes to it being a wonderful place for retirees to live.

It is also tax-friendly, offering a full exemption for social security retirement benefits and a deduction toward a 401(k)  or pension.

Tulsa is one of the best places to retire in the entire country. The community has a strong healthcare system. It has been named among the most affordable cities for retirement in the U.S

7.  New Orleans, Louisiana:

New Orleans ranks as one of the top places based on affordability, activities, quality of life, and healthcare. It is actually a good place to retire with plays to be seen, and music to enjoy.

There are many art museums, state history collections fabulous restaurants. New Orleans has an incredible lake for fishing, boating, and skiing. It boats for a beautiful aquarium and family-friendly zoo.

New Orleans can be host most of the year with warm to scorching temperatures beginning in April which continues through October but has sweeter weather in November and December most seasons are rather quiet.

However, there is a dreaded animal hurricane season and the crime rate is a major issue. Sales taxes and property taxes are through the roof. It can be a demanding place to be out fun-filled.

 8. Hot Spring, Arkansas:

The friendly historic city of Hot Springs makes an excellent retirement community. Retirees will find plenty to do in and around Hot Springs.

It is surrounded by five lakes, providing opportunities for camping, hiking, fishing, boating, and water skiing located in a valley at the edge of the Ouachita National Forest.

There are many restaurants at least a dozen art galleries and plentiful community festivals bit have beautiful natural surroundings, there is a strong economic base with ample opportunities good transportation, and medical facilities.

However, the crime rate is over double the national average according to both city-Data and City-Rating. But depends on the neighborhood and is generally low in neighborhoods where retirees would be attracted. Chances of being a victim of crime in Hot Springs may be as high as 1 in 11 in the north neighborhoods, or as low as 1 in 41 in the southeast neighborhoods. 

9. Grand Junction, Colorado:

Retirees who are interested to escape the crowds and traffic of large metro areas but still want to have stores and services available Should consider Grand Junction.

It is the largest city on the western slope between Denver and salt lake city.  It has a charming downtown area with numerous restaurants and retail shops.

There are art galleries and museums, a symphony Orchestra outdoor concerts in the vineyard, and top entertainers at Las Colonials park. It has a healthy lifestyle providing opportunities such as hiking, cycling, and golf bound.

Grand Junction has great weather. It is tax friendly there is access to a major transportation system.

10. Decatur, Alabama:

Decatur is a wonderful place a retiree may consider as a choice because of its low cost of living, natural beauty amenities, friendly people, and excellent healthcare.

Located at the bank of the Tennessee River, the town has a  thriving art and cultural science, a wonderful downtown district, and a beautiful rose garden. It is very much affordable.

The town is small making it a quiet place to retire. Shopping is easier, you don’t need to go to town. The downtown has a beautiful historical district. Retirees can enjoy evening entertainment at various places. However, the healthcare system is not that good but the hospitals are clean.

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