10 Best Places to Retire in Wisconsin

In my previous article, I had carefully discussed some nice places one can retire in the US of A, especially when you are looking out for a place suitable for a retiree who wants to just relax off work life while paying attention to different rates each place has to offer such as health care, tax, rent, population, crime rate and other vital information a person may be looking out for depending on one’s budget.

However, this article will focus on the different places one can choose to retire specifically in Wisconsin. Wisconsin is a state located in the U.S.A at a longitude of -88.79 and a latitude of 43.79. it is famous because it’s the nation’s leading dairy producer and is particularly famous for its cheese. One of the largest cities in Wisconsin in Milwaukee.

Why is Wisconsin a good place to retire?

Retirement is something you do for yourself hence a retirement place should be a good place that provides you with every necessity to enjoy life off from work, a place that supports your retirement budget while you get to enjoy all the benefits such a community can offer in Wisconsin.

You need at least $924,696 in savings to enjoy your retirement life there. It is very obvious that many retirees seek out to get easy access to indoor and outdoor recreation, from walking trails, water, access to museums and theaters to many beautiful things of nature.

There are locations in the state which have good proximity to major cities, arts, culture, and health care resources but these choice places carry the key drawback of the high cost of living may be due to pricey housing costs.

Here are Amazing 10 Places in Wisconsin to Retire:

PlaceHealth CareCost of LivingMedian Home Prices
1. Elm Grove$4,474$37,067$487,800
2. Whiting$4,662$34,070$182,200
3. Algoma$5,112$35,076$311,700
4. Allouez$4,806$33,213$214,900
5. Ladysmith$4,979$34,386$98,800
6. Bayside$4,699$32,128$418,400
7. Tainter Lake$5,072$33,700$236,000
8. Sturgeon Bay$4,895$33,690$203,900
9. Bristol$4,778$33,824$417,100
10. Greendale$4696$31,979$295,100

1.  Elm Grove:

Elm Grove is a unique place to retire. It has almost everything a retiree will be looking for. The community is kind, generous, and caring.

The neighborhoods are safe and accommodating. The school systems are diverse as well as the members of the community.

Elm Grove is a suburb of Milwaukee. It is in Waukesha county. It has many different people in it. I think a lot of people enjoy living in Elm Grove due to so many reasons.

It is safe and friendly with a lot of relaxing places with parks and fun cafes around almost every corner. Although many people view it as a place for the wealthy which is actually true, it also has layers that can accommodate different income classes.

2. Whiting:

It is a portage county and it is one of the best places to retire. Whiting offers retirees and its residents a dense suburban feeling and most residents own their homes.

There are lots of bars, restaurants, coffee shops, and parks. There are lots of retirees living in Whiting and the residents tend to lean conservative, in Whiting, it is a very safe place to retire with a very lesser crime rate.

3. Algoma:

It is a very beautiful town located in Kewaunee. It is also located next to a vast lake. This makes it fun to go on a hot day to the beach. There are lots of local shops and gyms. It also has a youth club open for children on weekends. On Shanty Days, there are beautiful vendors and activities.

There are police making sure everything is going really well and the crime rate is little or none existent.

It is a small town with friendly people and a nice boardwalk area. Many retirees tend to live in Algoma and residents tend to be conservative.

 4. Allouez:

Allouez is located in Brown county, one of the best places to retire in Wisconsin. Allouez is a very safe place to retire with a very little crime rate. It has all the businesses and restaurants you may need. It has nice suburban houses.

For instance, the Lambeans field in Allouez is a beautiful stop for people, it has fine restaurants like Curly’s Pub. You can tour the old Chicago Northwestern depot at the National Train Museum.

Allouez is a very fun town with friendly people, everything you need is close by. The streets included a section for bikes on some limited side streets. Public transportation is available, traffic concerns are construction on the local highways as they are making improvements.

Depending on the year, Winter can be very unpredictable. Winter can have a combination of severe snowstorms and blizzards to below-zero weather ranging from 0-25 with wind chill. Spring can either come early or appear late.

5. Ladysmith:

Ladysmith is Rusk county which is a quiet, good, and safe place for retirees. It is a small town with friendly and accommodating people. It is perfect for a retiree who loves the rural environment.

There is plenty of restaurants and different unique feature. Many people who live there are invested in the success of the city and its resident.

Living in Ladysmith offers residents and retirees a sparse suburban feel and most residents and retirees can own homes. It has lots of restaurants and parks. There are many retirees living in Ladysmith.

6. Bayside:

Bayside is in Milwaukee county, one of the best places to live in Wisconsin. There are lots of restaurants, coffee, shops, and parks. The neighborhood in Bayside is absolutely ideal.

There is a large home with a large yard. So much nature and wildfire, a very friendly Police presence, and an incredibly friendly and helpful neighborhood.

It is in such proximity to the beautiful nature and hiking trails at the Schlitz Audubon, but it is also remarkably close to freeway access. As regards security, the police are always around patrolling, always hanging out on corners, and making sure the neighborhood is safe.

Hence few crimes happen there some people find it comical looking at the crimes reported in the area which are found in the newspaper because they find it unbelievable.

7. Tainter Lake Village:

Found in Dunn county, it offers residents and retirees a rural feel and most residents own their homes. The crime rate is not that bad except there are a lot of drug and overdose cases in the area. Overall the crime and safety rate is pretty normal for a little town.

There are many things to do in the town, especially for a little town like that. It is a nice gathering of friends and relaxation, lake for fishing and bowling on the weekends. In Tainter Lake, there are many bars and parks.

8. Sturgeon Bay:

It is in Door County, one of the best places in Wisconsin. There are a lot of bars restaurants and parks. There are a lot of reviews from retirees who are living in Sturgeon Bay who testified that they are happy.

Sturgeon Bay has the most walkable city which is beautiful with water views everywhere. The people are friendly, great medical care, lots of fascinating things to do, great boating, sailing and kayaking, scenic trolley tours, boat tour, sunset cruise, multiple live theater opportunities, and terrific supper clubs.

If you are faded up with the craziness in the city then sturgeon Bay is a place for you to be. Being removed from any major metropolitan area, sturgeon Bay sacrifice major components of common activity for its somewhat reclusive location.

While it possesses a very unique and inviting physical environment and offers some interesting initiatives led by its people, this aspect is overshadowed by the lack of variety in activities and non-engaging community.

9. Bristol:

Bristol is found in Kenosha County, is a small community and it has always been a safe place to retire. The crime rate is extremely low. The scenery is great and it has amazing nature trails and lakes for summer activities.  

There is also a wide variety of housing options for any level.

Winter may be rough there unless you don’t mind the cold. Bristol offers plenty of opportunities to meet fellow seniors and enjoy communal activities such as the gallery, theater trips, and walking and cycling groups. There are nice places to settle in Bristol such as Leigh woods.

10. Greendale:

Found in Milwaukee county and one of the best places to live or retire in. This place offers a welcoming, safe and positive environment. A very small town with nice people.

It is a great balance of green space and architecture, balancing the history of the town with modern aspects. It is safe and located close to everything you could ever want and need. Within a short trip, you are connected to every freeway system to take you wherever.

There is one of the largest malls in the state right within walking distance of your home. The crime rate is practically next to zero.

This is a very well-kept community and very unique in the way of sections and housing such as townhouses and historic origins which were built in the village during war time.

Greendale is by way some people’s favorite, recommended to anyone that is looking to move into a suburb.

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