10 Best Places to Retire in Texas

Texas is one of the most populous states for retirees. It is notable for its mild weather, affordable housing, lower taxes, and different leisure activities.

You can find job opportunities for retirees who are looking for opportunities to earn while in retirement. There are quality health care services available in the Lone Star state.

One of the benefits of retiring in Texas is that it doesn’t have a state income tax. Texas has a lot of potential retirement areas.

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While considering some of the top places to retire in Texas, you should know strongly look out for the place that is an appropriate fit for you. This will help you know which place is suitable for you in Texas.

While considering where to retire in Texas you can pay attention to the following factors:

  • How close is this place to a major city?
  • What are the means for entertainment?
  • Are there good medical and healthcare options?
  • Are there amenities and recreational value?
  • What are the tax rate and cost of living?

Here are 10 Best Places to Retire in Texas:

1.  Granbury:

Granbury is one of retirees’ favorite places in Texas to retire. It has the lowest tax burden on this list, it helps retirees to protect their retirement savings.

The city is the county seat of Hood County, located 38 miles southwest of Fort Worth and it is about an hour’s drive from Dallas.

Settling in Granbury is quite easy because it has seniors account for about 30 percent of the population.

The city is blessed with a historic charm, it has museums (Hood County, US Veterans, and Granbury Ghost Tours museums among numerous others), Granbury square, and musical places, and the lake Granbury makes it a popular area for visitors during summer and springtime.

2. Olmos Park:

Olmos Park is one of the nicest neighborhoods in San Antonio. Although it is expensive, it’s worth the money spent. There is security in the town. It has friendly people and a nice neighborhood.

There are stores in which people can easily walk in and get what they want. It is one of the safest places on the south side of Texas.

There are several parks, boutiques, and shops on a busy street, where a visitor gets a village-like experience.

3.  Hollywood Park:

Hollywood Park is the suburban area of San Antonio, it is M amazing place to retire. It has a friendly neighborhood. If you love to play basketball, volleyball, tennis, and other exercising activities then, Hollywood Park has amazing centers for such.

There is police and fire department that keep people safe. There are fun things to do that will not leave you bored. It has a historic downtown which creates a very beautiful and unique atmosphere.

There are local coffee shops that can be found only in San Antonio. For retirees who want to go into a small business, there are enough local businesses in Hollywood Park. The town is orderly, safe, and comfortable.

4. Weston Lake:

It is in Fort Bend County and it is one of the top places to retire. It is a great neighborhood, especially for people delighted in golf courses. It has sweet and friendly people.

It is close to a major city like Huston however, you still get to experience that small-town feel. Because it is privately owned, children have more freedom than when compared to big towns. However, it is too far from the grocery store or mall.

The area is very small and safe. It is suitable for people who are really interested to retire just in a small and quiet place. If you need more stuff, you will have to get it 15 to 35 minutes away from the town.

5. Woodway:

It is found in Mclennan county and many retirees live there. There are a lot of activities that are beneficial to retirees, and the community is safe.

Woodway has a local safety department that comes up with safety guidelines to protect the community. Woodway is really lovely, it is surrounded by other small towns which come together to make up one school district.

The town is an oak tree-filled on the outskirts of Waco, Texas. Getting the things you want is not difficult as they are around you. It has so many wooded areas because it is located close to Lake Waco.

There are festivals such as the runner festival. The community center has great sports activities such as soccer, football, baseball, and the rest. It is a safe and lovely place to retire. However, there are some notorious activities going on around the local Baylor.

6. Alamo Heights:

Alamo Heights is a suburban area of San Antonio, a county of Bexar, it is a nice place to retire with lots of fancy restaurants, bars, coffee shops, and parks.  

Although, it is not easily affordable. Alamo Heights is safe, has good education, and has lots of opportunities. There is a lot to do and the proximity of getting the things you want seems convenient.

It is really an active community, especially in the morning and week. The people living there are quite friendly. If you are looking for a small neighborhood for a retiree with your family then this is it for you.

However, the downsides include the horrible roads and potholes everywhere. However, there is a central market for grocery shopping, nice boutiques, and the rest.

7. Brownsville:

Brownsville is situated in the Southern part of Texas along the Rio Grande border with Mexico and the Gulf of Mexico.

It is an affordable place to retire and it is closer to the beach which attracts most retirees from some places that like colder climates. It has fewer taxes besides, but Texas has no state income.

There is a zoo, the weather is nice, and there are lots of fun activities one could engage himself/herself in. You can choose to retire close to the beach and enjoy the great view. Although, the place can be hot sometimes.

8. Livingston:

Retiring to a suburban area of Huston is known to be one of the great places in Texas with a tax rate that is low and has so many recreational centers and medical care facilities.

It is one of the biggest cities in the county of Polk, which is 10 miles cast away from Lake Livingston which sources claim to be the largest driving water reservoir found in the state.

There are many recreational activities one can engage himself or herself such as boating, fishing, hiking, visiting parks, and other recreational activities.

9. Richmond Texas:

This is among the lowest tax city in Texas. It shares proximity with sugar land and Texas. Richmond provides so many recreational activities and local entertainment for retirees and residents as well.

It has historic and nice homes for retirees. Richmond boasts of a tax rate of about 15.20%.

The community is growing and the neighborhood is friendly. It has a low crime rate and offers retirees tax benefits not to forget the amazing scenery.

10. Sa Marcos Texas:

It is notably one of the best places to retire in southwest of Texas. It is a riverfront town that is known for its low crime rate and its vibrant growing economy.

It has a conducive climate and it is a safe place for retirees. Also, it is very much affordable for retirees because it is tax-friendly.

There is a river which makes fishing possible, also one can go tubing, swimming or canoeing. It gives easy access to major cities.

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