10 Best Places to Retire in Mexico

Since retirement is a period in one’s life when we are ready to put a stop to work or better still take a break off work, lots of people have different preferences for where they want to retire.

Take for instance people who prefer to retire outside the state of the US to the south side of the border to Mexico which provides warm and sunny weather.

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However, retiring to a different country, especially a foreign one is not really easy as it requires a lot of planning. For couples to retire comfortably in Mexico they need an average income of around $30,000 annually or $2, 500 per month. This amount includes the cost of a house, utilities, entertainment, groceries, health insurance, and others.

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It is important to note that you need a visa to go retiring in Mexico as an American. You can choose to apply for four years temporary residents Visa or you apply for a permanent resident Visa. All of these take a couple of steps to achieve.

Depending on your budget and your chosen lifestyle there is always a place for you to retire in Mexico.

Here are 10 best places to retire in Mexico:

1. Puerto Vallarta:

Puerto Vallarta has all it takes to retire in that iconic, downtown area full of energy. There is no doubt when it comes to entertainment or recreational activities such as water sports, kayaking, flyboarding, jet skiing, and other fun activities.

It is located on Mexico’s Pacific coast and it’s surrounded by the mountain Sierra Madre. It is a desired destination for most retirees. It is a place for lovers of the ocean.

The city has qualified doctors, good food, and interesting culture. It is the largest resort area in Mexico filled with lots of fun.

2. San Miguel de Allende:

This place has rich cultural activities, despite being small it is one of the most beautiful places to retire in Mexico. For lovers of arts or craft tradition, San Miguel will definitely attract your interest.

There are small beautiful shops where you can do some little shopping for different items such as pottery, sculpture, painting, lamps, and mirrors or you can simply go there to admire them.

Most Northern Americans love it here because of its warmth, cool nights, and even the high desert climate. Language is not a problem as there are many people who speak and understand English or Spanish.

3. Mazatlan:

This is a good option for lovers of historic environments or the beachfront. It has beautiful Sandy shores and clean water which one can just go and take a swim and relax.

Mazatlan gives you that Mexican lifestyle that you can’t get in areas dominated by ex-pats. Talk of beautiful shops, restaurants, or cafes, then you are talking about Mazatlan.

It is fondly called the “pearls of the Pacific”. There are plenty of activities to do, you can’t even shy away from the morning jog, in Mazatlan, you are simply busy with fun activities.

You can decide to go see a show at Angela Peralta Theatre. Mazatlan is just a beautiful place to be.

4. Durango:

This is one of the Mexican cities that has a high standard of living and lovely weather too. This option is suitable for retirees who can really afford a high standard of living because retiring in Durango can be expensive.

The place is surrounded by valleys and deserts. There are safe streets, clean water, better infrastructure, and a growing market. There are few visits from tourists.

The area also has few English speakers, so maybe you may want to take a Spanish class if you are really considering retiring there.

5. Zihuatanejo:

One thing about this place is that; it has a low cost of living, wonderful beaches, and villages where you can go swimming, or fishing. In fact, fishermen do showcase their catch of different fish especially while walking around the beach.

La Ropa, in Zihuatanejo, is one of the most beautiful beaches around. If you want to just stay on coral reefs so that you will snorkel and watch the beautiful sight of the sea turtles and fish of different colors, then Zihuatanejo has it all.

You can even rent an apartment for as low as $300 per month. There are also English speakers.

6. Puerto Morelos:

It is a fishing village that is found about halfway between Playa del Carmen and Cancun. It has different areas; one area is a small beach town, located close to the sea. The other one is located along the highway.

The most expensive area is the beach town which is also new. Whereas the other side is cheap, it is also close to the beach.  

The area has so many benefits such as a low crime rate, less traffic, its quietness. If you feel like partying then you have to visit Playa for such kind of fun.

7. La Paz:

Think of comfortability and a laid-back lifestyle just by the beach safely and tourist view then La Paz is the place. There are few reports of crime around the area.

However, it is among the top options for retirees who like snorkeling, Kayaking, and swimming in clear waters. There are few islands around.

The City is expensive which is quite a disadvantage because everything is basically shipped from a very long distance.

Also, the climate, which is hot during summer because it is a desert environment. There is little rainfall in a year.

8. Sayulita:

This is a small town suited around Banders Bay, a city which has an agricultural village.

If you are looking for an effortless going lifestyle, and beach town vibes, this city offers it and much more like paddle boarding, swimming, fishing, and other activities. The climate is also warm.

You can easily walk around the town and get the things, around your reach like groceries, shops, and restaurants.

There is a low crime rate and it is safe to walk around that you don’t need a car. The rent is also fair. It is located halfway to the big city.

9. Tulum:

This is one of the cities that is growing rapidly in Mexico, a small town that is famous for archaeological ruins. With many speakers of English, you may really not have to bother about taking a Spanish class. It is also safe to retire there.

There is a section of the town filled with boutiques, bars, restaurants, small markets, hotels, and other places which are quite expensive. There is also a touristy part of Tulum where you see beautiful places and things as well.

Tulum is a sustainable, friendly environment and is best for party lovers. In a small town, you can easily get around anywhere on foot. Tulum has a warm and tropical climate. However, it is really expensive to retire in Tulum.

10. Tijuana:

Tijuana is the second most populous city in Mexico, one of the benefits of retiring to this place is that you can maximize the advantage of living in both the US and in Mexico at the same time.

This is because of the close proximity, a journey by road from Tijuana to San Diego California takes about 27 minutes. It is located on the border and San Diego is just 15 miles away to the north.

Things are relatively cheaper there such as food, entertainment, and transportation. The city has great food and will definitely be considered a foodie’s choice.

Tijuana is notable for its wild night lifestyle, it has nice bars, restaurants, and scenic places you can visit. However, because of how close the border is, the city is not safe. While retiring here, you need to take precautions.

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