10 Best Places to Retire in Florida

In our previous article, we have written about different places to retire especially in the US. Retirement is one period of life I believe you should enjoy yourself off your work life,  paying attention to comfortability, especially if you have planned your retirement for a long time.

Looking out for a retirement community is one thing, getting a comfortable one that suits your budget is another ball game. And that is why this article chose to help you ease your stress by getting all you need to read comfortably, especially in Florida.

To retire in Florida, you will need to have saved at least$175, 000. Florida is a beautiful place to retire with year-round warm weather, sandy beaches, natural beauty, theme parks, and so many cultural attractions.  

Do you know that Florida has no state income tax which holds true for social security benefits and withdrawal from IRAs and 401(k) plans?

Florida cities vary in terms of lifestyle, cost of living, natural environment, and amenities. However, retiring in Florida and taking advantage of its tax benefits requires you to be a permanent domicile and not just as a seasonal or second home.

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That notwithstanding, whatever your intents are there is likely a place to fit your needs. To help you choose the right spot, this article has put together 10 best places to retire in Florida:

1. Tampa:

Tampa is located along Florida’s Gulf coast, the third largest city in Florida, and a lovely place to retire. It is one of the most happening parts of Florida, with a lot of entertainment options, including a zoo, an aquarium, theme parks, and several other wonderful things.

It has fantastic weather, close to some natural resources like spring and beaches. You could easily take a walk. There are lots of library and General hospital which provides the best healthcare for retirees.

2. Sarasota:

You’ll find it south of Tampa and north of Fort Myers on the Gulf coast. Art museums, aquariums, and botanical gardens are favorite features in Sarasota and not to mention the town’s lively dining and social scene.

It is known for its beaches which are world-class and beautiful. It has some of the largest retirement communities in Florida.

Although the cost of living is higher than the average for states, Sarasota offers an upscale atmosphere, waterfront, homes, and walkable downtown. There are actually beautiful places to settle in Sarasota.

3. Gainesville:

Gainesville offers performing arts, is about 75 miles from each coast, in the north central area, it has a small town feeling which includes performing arts, college, sports beam to follow also, it has lakes and forests for outdoor creation.

The cost of living here is lower than in coastal cities. There are homes available in retirement communities like Lanier Village Estates, Smoky Springs, Ashton Senior Living, and the Gardens of Gainesville.

Retiring in Gainesville offers you low-cost living and access to beautiful scenes including some of the best springs in Florida hence it may be an attractive option for certain types of retirees.

4. Fort Myers:

This is also a great place to retire like Sarasota, it is more affordable. The cost of living in Fort Myers is 6% lower than the state average and the median home price is $100,800 less than the Florida average and $24,000 less than the national average making it is very affordable for retirees who have their budget planned around that range.

The city is recognized as one of the best places to retire because most of the residents aged 65- 84 are the largest demographic. It has amazing weather and active lifestyle opportunities.

5. Orlando:

For retirees looking for a demographic area where the weather is warm, an abundance of entertainment and recreational opportunities, and a relatively low cost of living compared to other east coast cities; Orlando is the right place to retire.

You have the pleasure of enjoying hiking, boating, and outdoor recreation. Orlando provides a reasonable cost of living especially in the aspect of housing, utilities, food, and general basic, you can have families and friends visit you. You can be in Orlando and be in Miami in less than a day.

From Orlando, you can see the rest of Florida like Tampa, the beaches in Jacksonville, and Orlando has two international airports. It is a beautiful place to retire. However, it can be hot sometimes and hot is good sometimes.

6. Pensacola:

Pensacola has many benefits to retiring ranging from housing affordability, tax rates, and excellent healthcare. The cost of living in Pensacola is lower than what the average American pays, also the median home value is generally lower than national figures.

Generally living in Florida is quite affordable especially when the residents are not required to pay taxes and retirees have some advantages, especially in health care.

There are fun things to do in Pensacola especially if you love the outdoors, there are public parks, brackish, bays, and expensive beaches. There are plenty of opportunities to enjoy Pensacola’s natural surroundings.

7. St. Petersburg:

St. Petersburg is considered one of the classic places to retire in Florida, especially for senior retirees and it is a tourist destination because of its winter warmth, great beaches, and ideal location on a peninsula in Tampa Bay.

St. Pete offers retirees a happy compromise in a very livable city. It is agreeably the nicest downtown in Florida. It has some historic, interesting neighborhoods like old Northeast, Rose Park, historic Kenwood, and others that are near the water.

This city offers you that pleasure lifestyle near the water with many diversions if you are a retiree who loves waking up by the water side.  However, some parts of st. Pete has high crime rates, particularly in the south of St. Pete. That said, it is a low-key area of Florida and it has a nice cultural scene, interesting museums, a good medical system, and transportation.

8. Naples:

It’s agreeably the best place to retire. It is believed that in Florida, Naples is a retiree’s dream. Not only is Florida tax-free for residents but retirees could spend their retirement in the warm and upscale environment that Naples provides.

Although the cost of living is 10% higher than the national average, the city of Naples is really a wealthy area with a major population of millionaires. It is known for its high-end shopping, an abundance of golf courses pristine beaches with beautiful sunsets.

It is celebrated for its low crime rate. Not to forget its amazing weather which allows people to enjoy the great outdoor activities. The average temperature highs are at 90 degrees in July with the average winter hitting 54.

It has beautiful beaches, amazing golf courses, best restaurants, great shopping locations, arts and entertainment, and different kinds of parks.

9. Melbourne:

Melbourne made this list because of its mild climate, and a lower average cost of living, and entertainment. The median home cost in Melbourne is significantly affordable.

The weather in Melbourne is very attractive to retirees with more months of sunny days annually and wintertime temperatures that rarely fall below 50 degrees. It is a hot spot for outdoor activities such as fishing, golf, kayaking, paddle boarding, and more.

It is a beautiful and nice place to retire with friendly people and environment. Malls and restaurants are closer to your reach, downtown area for local shop owners with great goods and services. The crime rate is lower than in big cities.

10. Venice:

Venice is located halfway between cape coral and Tampa Bay, Venice is closed to the coast of Florida. With a laid-back lifestyle, Venice is a community with many activities.

It has good shopping areas, fine dining, art and entertainment, festivals, and special events. It is filled with an abundance of natural beach areas well kept parks and recreation areas.

There are good retirement communities in Venice such as plantation golf and county club, Riverwood, King Gate, Heron creek, and Venetian falls which are categorized as the best retirement homes in Venice

Venice is special for its planned community central downtown, shopping centers, plenty of parks, many activities, and adult communities among many other specialties.

However, the Hurricane season, traffic season, and lack of diversity make it not wonderful. Nonetheless, it has nice weather, good medical facilities, and a relatively low crime rate.

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