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Market Disruptors

Market Disruptors was inspired by our dedication to help the everyday retail investor escape the rat race, the struggle of living paycheck to paycheck and build generational wealth buying growth stocks.


We deliver 3 monthly stock picks, unlimited buy and sell alerts, investment tips and market research to Retail Investors who are serious about building wealth.


AI Millionaires Program 

Artificial Intelligence is transforming our everyday lives and radically disrupting almost every industry.


This is creating huge OPPORTUNITIES for Investors, and we’re delivering UNIQUE INSIGHTS that’s helping smart retail investors tap into the explosive AI growth.

Stock Millionaires

The US Stock Market is the greatest wealth building vehicle known to mankind today. And only the information privy are leveraging this opportunity successfully.


Let’s help you create a bespoke Stock Portfolio that will launch you into the Stock Millionaire Club.

About us


AI4Beginners is focused on simplifying AI investing for retail investors, helping them navigate the risks of investing in Innovative AI Companies.


Our Founder, Henry John, is an AI enthusiast, growth portfolio manager, and tech investor.

Henry started from the scratch like most people, little by little he became a millionaire investing in technology companies while working in finance.